UVRoboclean – The Sanitizing Robot That Can Kill Surface Viruses and Germs To Up To 99.9%


Cleaning and disinfecting your home is an essential household task especially in this time of health crisis due to COVID-19. However, it’s one chore that is always overlooked by many homeowners. Bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops, baby toys, and door handles are some of the things that you should regularly clean. Thinking about this, we bet you wish there’s a device that can do all those necessary cleanings for you. And there is, introducing the UVRoboclean.

There are various surface areas in your home that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. Bathroom sinks and kitchen countertops are perfect examples. These surfaces are often used, and they usually get wet, making them the ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and viruses. It’s challenging to disinfect these surfaces regularly, and no one likes breathing in strong chemicals from cleaning sprays all the time. This is where the UVRoboclean comes in. This sanitizing robot can maintain the cleanliness of these areas in your house using UV-C light. 

UV-C Light

UV-C light is known as a wavelength of ultraviolet that has the ability to disinfect. UVRoboclean utilizes a durable UV-C lamp that affects and destroys the DNA of bacterial and viruses. This is a similar method that hospitals use to sanitize rooms and eliminate microbes. Do you want that top-notch hospital cleanliness in your living space? Yes, please! Moreover, the UV-C light kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. In fact, it can even eliminate bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic. Talk about intense cleaning!

UVRoboclean Doorknob

Cleanse and Sanitize

Aside from the fact that this sanitizing robot can exceptionally maintain the cleanliness of your home, it is also easy-to-use. All you need to do is charge your UVRoboclean, position it on the area that you wish to disinfect, and turn it on. It will instantly start sanitizing the whole surface. No need to read an entire manual to use it or mess with complicated settings. On top of that, ease of use is one of the most significant features of any type of device. With the UVRoboclean in your home, cleaning will be as easy as 1, 2, and 3! It’s almost as if you have a readily-available cleaning crew.

Flat Surfaces

The people who made UVRoboclean are also fully aware that not all surfaces and things you desire to disinfect and clean are flat. With this, the sanitizing robot offers users, two strong cleaning models. When you want the robot to clean a surface without your supervision, choose the autonomous cleaning mode. It can work for hours, and you can be sure that it won’t fall from elevated places. On the other hand, if you want to clean irregular surfaces, you can make use of the Handheld cleaning mode. With UVRoboclean, keeping doorknobs, keyboards, and toys, bacteria-free is done without any hassle. 

UVRoboclean can also clean a plethora of other things. These include gaming devices, gym equipment, razors, hairbrushes, vegetables and fruits, Amazon boxes, toothbrushes, and a lot more. If it can catch the light, you can clean it with UVRoboclean. This sanitizing robot is easy-to-use, flexible, and odor-free!