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TechTheDay is a technology blog that covers pretty much everything that has a tech angle or. We mainly do news and informational posts, product reviews, game reviews, technological advancement, interesting gadgets and gizmos and new StartUp or innovations.

TTD  always welcome talented writers who have something interesting to share to our growing community. We accept tutorials, news, inspirational posts, top ten lists, etc. If you think your articles can give our readers a mindblowing experience, then you’re more than welcome to share your guest post with us.

Guidelines for Guest Posting:

1.) Share one of our posts (or a couple if you REALLY LOVE US. 🙂 ) via social media and like our Facebook page. Please specify the URL/s of the post/s you shared in your message (very important).

2.) Post something on our Fanpage. A sentence about what topic you’d like to read about next would be awesome! That way, we can add that on our editorial calendar and have it taken cared of (very important). OR you can post about anything nerdy or techy. 🙂

2.) Your article should be about technology (very important).

3.) Word count – Minimum of 600 words.

4.) The article should be very well crafted. No spelling/grammar errors or typos (very important). The transitioning of ideas should be smooth.

5.) Add high quality images to your article (minimum of 1) with proper attribution (very important).

6.) Make your articles scannable. Avoid exceeding 3 sentences in one paragraph and add bullet points.

7.) Include a unique “About the author” section in your article with a 2 – 3 sentence description of yourself.

How do you send your articles?

Although we highly prefer receiving articles via gdocs (with the permission “anyone who has the link can edit”), you can also send it via .doc or .docx format.

Please send it to us via our contact form.

What can you expect from us?

Because we HIGHLY respect your time, we’ll try our best not to keep  you waiting.

We’ll try reply within 24 hours to let you know whether we’ll accept or decline your article.

What you should NOT do (REALLY important).

1.) Send us plagiarized content.

2.) Send us images that isn’t yours without attribution.

3.) Send us rehashed, spun or poor quality articles.

4.) Copy our content and post it in your site as your own.

5.) Link to shady sites.

That’s about it!

Once you’re all set, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Note – We always check via copyscape.

We look forward to receiving your rock star articles and have you in our growing TechTheDay family! Cheers!