Top Technology Trends of 2022

Top Technology Trends of 2022
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Advances in software and hardware development, sustainability, connectivity, communication, medical emergencies, privacy concerns, and remote working continue to drive the emergence of new technologies. Even as the limitation on assembly and movement imposed by the global coronavirus pandemic obstructs many projects, there are still many innovative techs to look forward to this year. And in this article, we’ll cover some technology trends you need to be aware of in 2022.

  1. Collaborative technologies

Many employees had been retracted from working at the office because of safety guidelines. Thus, many switched to hybrid or remote working conditions with the use of collaborative technologies for recreating workflows, employee engagement, and office settings. Many firms responsible for designing these tools had to start from scratch and upgrade their services so they could meet the demand for new, online workspaces.

AI Tech
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  1. Cybersecurity powered by artificial intelligence

The increasing volume and sophistication of ransomware, phishing scams, and other forms of cyberattacks have forced many cybersecurity companies to find solutions that will enable them to address vulnerabilities. Additionally, as more and more businesses adopt remote working and workplace digitization practices, it’s become even more a priority to ensure online safety and minimize, if not mitigate, data breaches from occurring.

Many have turned to AI or artificial intelligence to aid them in the endeavor to guard and monitor threats in real-time as a preventative measure instead of merely responding once the attack has happened. Moreover, there are cloud storage providers that offer their clients end-to-end encryption when it comes to data transfers and online storage.

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  1. Telehealth

Another result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the growing investments in telehealth solutions, which cover consultations, diagnoses, remote monitoring, and evaluations. Those who have concerns regarding their mental health are now able to connect with counselors online for the support and guidance they require. Additionally, innovative monitoring devices that can track the internal states of the body and lifestyle changes are also available, enabling patients and healthcare providers to predict any potential emergencies.

There are also algorithms for machine learning that are now being applied in the field of telehealth. For example, it can scan specific data and pick the patients who may require these types of programs or alert medical professionals if the established health metrics go beyond the predefined threshold. 

  1. Clean technology

The desire and need for sustainability has brought about clean technologies or simply cleantech for short. As its name implies, the purpose behind cleantech is to drive down the impact of services and products on the environment while optimizing our natural resources. One such example is renewable energy, with solar, hydroelectric, and wind power lowering our carbon footprint more than using fossil fuels.


The technological advancement of the last few years has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Because of it, people are now more conscious when it comes to enhancing healthcare, improving remote work, and boosting security measures. Moreover, the protection of the environment through the utilization of sustainable energy will only bode well for everyone’s future.