At Risk: You Should Know These Cyber Security Threats By Now

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The cyberspace is one big scary place to be. If you do not know what you are up to, you are playing a rather risky game here. You should arm your computer with some sort of internet security software as you do not want to become victim to a virus, adware, malware, spyware, phishing, and what-nots. These and more have the potential to cause irreversible damage to your privacy, computer, and reveal your personal information without you knowing it. Just like how you thought Tik Tok is just harmless and entertaining when in fact it is not.

With the onset of online banking, shopping, and digital marketplaces, trading online has gone up to as much as 35% annually. If you are doing any online actions without any internet security software, you are making yourself susceptible to attacks and are making hackers online very happy. Here are some of the leading cyber security threats to your online safety that you should know by now.


Spam mail is not hazardous per se. But, spam mail can contain malicious links and programs that can lead to your PC catching viruses, spryware, malware, and more.


Spyware is a catchphrase for everything noxious such as adware, popup ads, key loggers, Trojans, and modified cookies to name a few. A spyware is specially engineered to monitor your cyber activity and attack any security flaw. This is the crucial first step towards identity theft without you knowing it.

Cyber Security
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Phishing Mail

Phishing is a method whereby one steals personal information like usernames, passwords, and other confidential data including banking details.This works by simply sending your emails pretending to be from trusted websites you frequent such as Paypal, your online bank, or online shopping sites. They redirect you to fake sites that mimics trusted websites. You key in your personal information and the hacker on the other side have access to your most important personal information, even worse your money. This is a real threat to your cyber security.

Identity Theft

Hackers can steal your most important personal information in a variety of ingenious and diabolic ways. Once they have access to your information, they will use it to purchase online, create false documents, divert your pay checks and more. As a general rule, never provide your credit card or banking details to any website that does not offer SSL or other forms of internet security that safeguards your transaction.

Were you surprised that viruses did not make it to this list? Well, hackers are now shying away from them as it has been very obvious and abused for years. Spyware on the other hand is very easy to develop and is far more potent for hacking. You can use popular anti-virus programs to ward off hackers lurking on your cyberspace activities. When updated daily, you can rest assured that they can fend off any harmful cyber security threats online. Lastly, always remember that you are the one responsible for all the steps you take online, so be cautious and practice safe browsing or surfing online.