iPhone 12 Launch – Apple’s Big Day Took Everyone By Storm

iPhone 12
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The day for Apple’s latest iPhone has finally arrived, and it took everyone by storm. The event, not unlike the company’s developer conference and the iPad and Apple Watch launch, had taken place online and was live-streamed directly from their website. And we now have all of the devices that many of us were undoubtedly expecting and eagerly anticipating.

A successor to Apple’s best-selling smart speaker

The first product that was unveiled in the event was Apple’s Homepod Mini, the successor to what is arguably the most popular smart speaker today. Designed to be much smaller, and, in turn, much more inexpensive than its older sibling at $99 – Apple hopes to corner the market with its more affordable price point. And if it lives up to the claims made by the company – from the wide range of connectivity and audio performance to its smart home features – there’s very little doubt that they can.

The latest line-up of iPhones

As for the latest model of Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone 12, it now comes in four distinct models: the Mini, as its name suggests, is smaller than the base model iPhone 12 at 5.4 inches while its bigger brother boasts a respectable 6.1-inch front screen. However, they essentially share the A14 chipset and stronger ceramic shields, wireless and magnetic chargers, and other types of accessories.

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As for the iPhone 12 Pro and Max, the former comes with the same A14 chipset. However, it also has a wider color range and a premium finish. Its camera has also received an upgrade from the regular iPhone 12, but not at the same level as the Max variant, that, apart from having a large sensor, is able to pick up low-light like in a way that none of its predecessors have been able to in the past.

High-speed 5G connectivity across all models

Apart from the A14 chipset, another thing that all iPhone 12 variants share across the board is their multi-band 5G connectivity. After conducting testing for this fifth generation cellular network with a hundred carriers in several regions, Apple claims that they were able to achieve an impressive 3.5Gbps in the best conditions. This is a game changer in the industry as it can turn downloads that would take minutes to mere seconds. And with Apple including more bands in 5G than anything else on the market today, they’ve made a strong point that the product is well-worth the investment.

In conclusion

It’s an understatement to say that Apple’s big launch for their iPhone 12 was a success. With their new product line-up of impressive products, it’s not surprising that they’ve taken both their tech-savvy and casual audience by storm. From the newly designed Homepod Mini to the introduction of the newest iteration of their flagship product, the iPhone 12, and it’s multiple variants, it’s safe to say that Apple is on a roll.