FB’s Whale ‘Meme-Making’ App – Why It Is Unheard Of

Facebook Meme Making
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Facebook has a brand new app, and it has something to do with memes. The Whale is the latest app launched in FB, and it allows users to make their own memes using expert tools. Can anything get better than this? Just like the Secret Crush app launched a while ago. But why hasn’t anyone heard about this app yet? Basically, the company don’t want to reveal it to anyone as of this day. Based on a report from The Information, they discovered that Facebook’s New Product Experimentation or NPE group recently launched the said app, and it’s only available to a limited number of people, specifically on the Canadian App Store only. 

Whale App

According to the official description, the Whale app is available for free with zero hidden subscription pricing, and it lets users design and make their own memes using personal pictures and images from FB’s stock photo library. After selecting a picture, the users can add different effects, text, stickers, emoji, and other meme-related stuff. Once you are finished with your prize-winning creation, you can easily save your newly-made memes to your camera roll and/or share them to your social media accounts and message threads straight from the app. In just one platform, you can make a meme and share them to everyone without jumping from one app to another. Moreover, the description of the app also said that the NPE group from FB developed it. Though Whale is not the first meme-creation app that was launched in the App Store, given that there are massive selections of image-editing apps that already exist, it does hold an edge of being free of charge in terms of subscriptions and purchases.

Facebook Whale
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Changes in the app

The report added that the NPE group just resurfaced last July when they were first introduced. Facebook stated that the team was a consumer-focused app group that specifically focused on delivering completely new experiences to social media users. Moreover, FB already warned in advance that the app might dramatically change more often, and might stop operating if it won’t have a significant impact on the social media platform. The company also stated that the availability of the apps developed by the NPE group would entirely depend on the app. The NPE group formerly created two other apps that focused on teens as their target market, called Aux and Bump. Aux is a party DJ app, and Bump allows users to begin one-on-one anonymous chats with other users all around the community. A spokesperson from Facebook made a statement with The Information that the apps are meant to help the company potentially look for new services and features that will be useful to people.

The Whale is a new addition to the exhaustive list of experimental apps that are either bought or launched by Facebook over the past years alongside Notify, Moments, Moves, Hello, Slighshot, Poke, and Lifestage. When the company felt a great competition between platform apps like TikTok and Snapchat, they started focusing on making the latest mobile social experiences for their users.