Easily Take A Screenshot With Your Android Even If The App Says No

taking screenshots

Android is known for giving its users more freedom to do what they want compared to iOS. However, there are still several things that one can’t merely perform on this mobile platform by Google. One of these things is taking a screenshot in apps that restrict such action – whether it’s due to sensitive content on the screen or the content is secured by digital rights management, you should know the basic cyber security threats surrounding these apps before you proceed. But don’t worry; a method called rooting will do the trick for you. Now, you can collect a freeze-frame to create a meme for your favorite series or keep several backup passwords where you can quickly access them, using these two methods. 

Scrcpy (ADB tool)

The first method is called the scrcpy, a computer-based solution that allows you to mirror and record the screen of your Android device while interacting with it. In other words, the solution has a lot of uses rather than just capturing screenshots. You can use the app for macOS, Linux, and Windows. See to it that you turned on the USB debugging of your tablet or phone. Once you have downloaded and exposed scrcpy, command a prompt or pop open a console from the location of the file and perform: scrcpy -r nameyourfile.mp4

This will record anything that’s shown on your screen in high resolution. You can stop the recording by clicking Ctrl+C, or others will require you to disconnect your device. 

SmaliPatcher (Root, Magisk)

Assuming that you already own a rooted device, the best thing about this method is it functions as a Magisk module. However, even if you have to do the module on your own, you can create it in as fast as 5-10 minutes using an essential equipment called Smali Patcher made by fOmey – an XDA forums regular and developer. 

How take A Screenshot

Here’s how:

  • Turn on the USB debugging of your Android device. 
  • amp up the ADB equipment on your computer and attach your phone. See to it that the computer knows your phone by performing the following:
  • ADB devices
  • Download and extract [email protected], and run SmaliPatcher.exe
  • SmaliPatcher will require your computer to own at least 3GB of RAM, .NET Framework 4.7.1 or later, Java, as well as an Android 6.0+ device.
  • There are tons of exceptional patches you can use from here, but the most ideal is the Secure flag. Choose that box and click the ADB PATCH button below. 
  • After that, the tool will generate a patch that you can find in a similar folder as SmaliPatcher.exe named [email protected]
  • Then, sideload it to your mobile device, open Magisk, click Modules found in the side menu, click the + icon, and choose the file that’s zipped.
  • Lastly, reboot your phone. 

That’s pretty much it! And the best part is, this method also works on Netflix. However, some apps simply won’t fall victim to this type of patch. Some of these include banking apps, Prime Video, and others that have the ability to shot-block you.