Create Personalized Maps With New Google Earth Maps

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Google Earth recently launched “creation tools.” It is a new feature that lets users create narrative projects of their own. They can map out any location all over the world, and Google Earth will display the finished project as a collaborative story by placing users from one place to a different one. This fun and exciting new features give people the chance to annotate every location using their own words, videos, pictures, or create shapes and lines on maps to highlight specific areas and suggest pathways. This is built-in integration with Google Drive, and it enables individuals with an immersive spirit to team up and share projects with other people all around the globe.

Voyager inspired

Basically, Google is creating instruments from Voyager. It is a program that the giant company introduced a few years ago specifically for professional storytellers, nonprofits, and scientists such as NASA, BBC Earth, Sesame Street, and Jane Goodall. But now, everyone can use it. According to Gopal Shah, Google Earth’s product manager, for more than 15 years, users have relied on Google Earth to access a 360 degree view of the planet and today, they have made the next and most vital step towards its improvement: sharing the chance of storytelling and mapmaking to people from all parts of the world. The latest content creation tools provide the same abilities that were introduced at Voyager, like the capacity to choose from 3D views or Street View photos of the planet when narrating your own story.

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Added features

Apart from this, you can also place additional features such as lines, placemarks, pictures, videos, shapes, and even produce text in an incredible text editor. Moreover, you can also make title screens for personalized slides intended for full-screen presentations and other related projects. The complete stories can be compiled into narratives that will take users from different places as they view the presentations – a real worldwide tour in the comfort of your own home.

Creation tools

Furthermore, latest tools also advocate collaboration and the final output can be shared with other people thanks to Google Drive integration. This will enable a group for educators, for instance, to create projects together to come up with tours that suit a specific area of their lesson plans. Pioneer users have also utilized creation tools to create maps that showcase an Antarctic expedition, a river that was under attack, and a 3D tour of the beautiful reissuance architecture in Italy. 

Google’s primary goal of launching this unique and collaborative project is to instill that people can do so much with technology. The company hopes that everyone who will support and use the creation tools will help them glorify this planet’s lineage, raise awareness about the different places that are important to different groups of people, and restore memories of home. You can now access and utilize creation tools in Google Earth on your desktop through the web. And to display on tablets and phones, you can download the app in Play store and Apple store.