Cheaper Airpods Pro Alternative – The New Panasonic RZ-S300W Wireless Earbuds

New Panasonic RZ-S300W
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Panasonic finally released their first-ever wireless earbuds for everyone to buy. The company’s plans for this product were first revealed at CES 2020, whil not too long ago Apple released an over-the-ear headphones. One of the most intriguing things about the two latest models was the fact that they could be a much affordable version of the AirPods Pro.

Panasonic RZ-S500W

Panasonic RZ-S500W is the name of the pair of flagship earbuds, and it sports an active noise cancellation just like the AirPods Pro. In addition, Sony WF-1000XM3 is the remarkable true wireless earbuds this 2020. According to Panasonic, the latest wireless earbuds provide hybrid active noise cancellation technology that is leading in the industry. This combines Analog/Digital Processing, Feedback Noise Cancelling, and Feed Forward Noise Cancelling hybrid. 

All of these technologies function together to decrease the noise taken from outside and inside of the ear cups, resulting in an uninterrupted and seamless listening experience. The earbuds cost $289 / £169, definitely more affordable than its competitors.

Just like the AirPods Pro, it enables users to hear environmental sounds through the earbuds if they wanted to listen to the happenings around them. According to Panasonic, you just need to tap the touch sensor to select Ambient Sound, Noise Cancelling, or Off.

Panasonic RZ-S300W
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Quiet Phone Calls

Users can also utilize the touch sensor to activate their voice assistants, such as Google Assistant or Siri. The company is also planning to release the support for Amazon Alexa in the coming months.

Apart from giving you the option to apply noise cancellation when listening to music, the latest wireless earbuds also have the capacity to impede environmental noise during phone calls. This is possible with the help of the built-in microphone that blocks wind noise and many other unnecessary sounds, increasing noise cancellation ability and call quality.

The battery life of the earbuds was at six and a half hours with continuous noise cancellation, and the charging case provides a staggering 13 hours of battery life. 

In terms of the audio quality, Panasonic kept everyone guessing since they haven’t said anything yet. 

Panasonic RZ-S300W: Cheaper Model

The next latest true wireless earbud models released by Panasonic are the RZ-S300W. It doesn’t have any noise cancellation ability. However, it is way cheaper compared to the pair of flagship earbuds since it only retails for $129 / £109. Take note that the prices of both models of earbuds are subject to change. 

Since there is no active noise cancellation to use up the battery, this model can work for seven and a half hours of playback. Plus, the charging case can add three more hours of battery. 

Similar to the more costly RZ-S500W, the RZ-S300W has an IPX4 waterproof rating and voice assistant-compatibility, making them the perfect gear when working out. 

Again, the sound profile of both wireless earbuds is still unidentifiable. But if Panasonic can pull off budget-friendly earbuds with excellent battery life and remarkable audio quality, then they might have a chance to overthrow the competitors.