Apple’s Brand New Over-ear AirPods Studio Is About To Launch Soon

AirPods Studio

The latest AirPods are here, and the word about it is abuzz all over the internet. After rumors about delays in production, the name of the newest pair of wireless over-ear headphones that Apple is possibly launching in the future is finally revealed – The AirPods Studio.

The AirPods Studio will sport the same noise-cancellation ability found on AirPods pro just like the Sony WH-CH710N, which means users are up for a little treat. In terms of the design, there’s no clear image of what the headphones would look like. However, it is rumored to have amazing elements such as headbands that you can swap out according to how you want to use them and magnetically attached earcups.

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High-end headphones obviously cost a lot. The newest pair from Beats which is the Beats Studio 3 retails at $349.95, and that’s exactly the pricing expected from the AirPods Studio. If the price is right, then Apple sees that these headphones are top-notch.

With the coronavirus pandemic going on around the world, product plans can swiftly change. Until Apple says its official, consumers would have to wait for the AirPods studio. But since the tip came from the trustworthy Jon Prosser, it holds quite an info. 

According to Prosser, the latest AirPods Studio will retail at $350, almost similar to the price rate of the newest Beats Studio 3. Since the tiny AirPods earbuds became a hit, it’s expected that Apple will continue adding various products under the same branding.

There were also rumors about the AirPods X, and it was once latched to the Apple over-ear headphones. However, it looks like the AirPods X will be much more on the athletic version of the usual AirPods, comparable to the lineup of Powerbeats Pro.

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Consumers have heard a lot of rumors and hints about these over-ear headphones, despite the inconsistent details. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most popular Apple analysts in the field, Apple will release a product under this category anytime this year.

The past rumors had placed the value of the product at $399, which means that these headphones will have a more reasonable price than expected. However, it’s still unknown how Apple will put a price on the AirPods Studio if it is sold internationally. 

There were tons of icons potentially depicting the AirPods Studio during the time of the first code of iOS 14. Since the iOS 14 is set to be officially announced by the tech giant in June, this is a good sign that these over-ear headphones will also be revealed. This is different from an update that is coming anytime now for the basic AirPods.

Update on the standard AirPods, the official launch of the iOS 14, and the possible reveal of the newest over-ear headphones, it looks like 2020 is going to be a huge year for Apple, most notably to their audio department. Though there’s nothing official from the company yet, consumers better start saving if they want to get their hands on these latest products and updates.