Watch Out! The iWatch Is Coming, What to Expect

Image courtesy of John Kasawa /

Image courtesy of John Kasawa /

Since 2012, the tech community has been filled with rumors and speculations about Apple’s answer to the smartwatches competing to take the dominant share in the wearables market. Until now, the Cupertino-based company still has not announced any information related to their smartwatch or any wearable computing product carrying the Apple brand.

Nevertheless, there have been several rumors and alleged leaks about the iWatch. The product may not be one of the rumored products to be featured at the Mobile World Congress in the last week of February but it remains to be one of the 2014’s most anticipated tech gadgets.

So what can we expect from the iWatch? Is it really worth the wait? Will Apple finally release the perfect smartwatch? Sony, Samsung, and some small device makers have already released their respective versions of the smartwatch but none has been able to score a hit. Will Apple finally introduce something people would really want to buy and wear?

Rumored Specifications

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

According to leaks from Cupertino, Apple is currently testing two prototypes both bearing 100mAh batteries. It’s a rather small battery especially in comparison to Samsung 315mAh battery capacity that is rated to last for only day, and certainly much smaller than Sony’s power pack that can stand for up to 4 days. However, there are also rumors that point to a possible battery life of up to five days.

If information from NPD DisplaySearch is to be believed, the iWatch will sport a 1.3” or 1.6” flexible AMOLED display with a 320×320 resolution. It is unlikely to be a circular screen. The photo featured here is a fan-made concept and is unlikely to be what the final product would be. Nevertheless, it’s the look that seems most fitting for the kind of designs Apple produces.

In terms of operating system, the iWatch will reportedly make use of a modified version of the iOS 8 with apps unique to the watch.

Based on Bloomberg’s sources, Apple’s smartwatch will be capable of making and receiving calls. It can also check for location information. It will come with a pedometer, something almost all smartwatches readily feature.

Fitness Centered

Most news agencies report the upcoming iWatch to be a fitness-centered gadget.

Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young /

Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young /

Apple recently hired a researcher from Philips Research to allegedly provide inputs on the development of the iWatch. The company also hired an exercise physiologist to supervise tests centered on fitness and energy expenditure. These definitely bolster the speculations of a fitness-centric wearable from Apple. It is unlikely to be just some plain wrist band or some kind of smart glasses.

Additionally, the maker of the iPhone is also reported to be developing a new app referred to as HealthBook. This application allegedly aims to monitor various health indicators. Apple has also been having consultations with the FDA probably in relation to the medical applications the company’s R&D teams have been developing.

Timing and Speculations

What makes many believe that the debut of the iWatch is already nearing is the confluence of developments in Silicon Valley that serve as suggestions that Apple is indeed busy developing a wearable product to be released soon. From the well-publicized advertisements for positions that involved functions almost everyone would associate to the iWatch to the growing number of leaks and rumors from Chinese news sites and blogs, there are several indications that the time for the iWatch announcemnets is not going to be too far away.

It is also worth pointing out that Apple is currently doing tests to look for the best charging method for the iWatch. Allegedly, the methods tested include magnetic induction, the typical wireless charging used by some smartphones, solar energy harvesting, and the production of electricity harnessed from the movements of the hands.

Expected Release

October is the designated month, according to iWatch release reports from China. Of course, this is not an official announcement so fans are advised to not hold their breath. If Apple could only offer a marginally different iPhone 5S as the successor to the iPhone 5, we can’t really expect the company to be very quick in their product development and release efforts.

Are you looking forward to the iWatch? Do you think Apple will be able to deliver the right approach and packaging? Drop us a comment below.