Things to Expect From CES 2018

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It’s that time of the year once again to gawk at all the new cool devices that will be coming out this year and the next. It’s is finally time for the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. CES is going to happen one week from now and people are expecting a lot of brand new and cool devices this year, just like they did last year. We’re expecting techie cars, LED screens, smartphones, laptops, and other cool stuff. And just like last year, this is going to be fun.

Technology On The Road

One crazy trend in the last couple of years is how car manufacturers are turning cars into not just another vehicle on the road that only car enthusiasts would appreciate, but actual electronic products that techie buffs would love to drive around. And this year is no exception with Mercedes-Benz, who is going to present their 2018 A-Class’ new infotainment system called the “Mercedes-Benz User Experience” or MBUX. According to the reports, the MBUX promises to “to ensure a pioneering in-car experience” by being “introduced as standard equipment in the next compact car generation”

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The image shows a huge display to where the cars’ speedometer and fuel gauge traditionally will be. Electronic display replacing the instrument panel is not a new idea, so it will be exciting to see in CES how Mercedes sets theirs apart from the others. The information going around is that the displays sizes are from 7-inch ones to 10.25-inches and they’re going to be present in this year’s CES along with some other projects like their Smart Vision EQ ForTwo and the Mercedes-AMG Project One, along with cars equipped with self-driving technologies.

Another tech that’s expected this year is Delphi Technologies new cylinder deactivation scheme called the Dynamic Skip Fire, which was developed with the help of Tula Technology. The DSF was developed to reduce engine fuel consumption and emissions. In the current system, there is a set number of cylinders that shuts down when there’s low power required. In the DSF, the engine’s processor will be continuously deciding which cylinder is going to fire as you drive. According to a CNET interview, the new system makes 6,000 decisions/minute for a 4-cylinder engine that runs at 3,000 rpm.


CES have been featuring ever increasingly advance monitors each year, so this year is no exception and we can expect all the latest monitors using 4K and HDR technology. Samsung, of course, dominates the US market but TCL and Sony are catching up from the last place. Expected to appear are OLED TVs and monitors from LG and Sony and other companies might present their own OLEDs this year as well.

Some emerging tech like emissive quantum dots is expected to appear this year, though experts think that the technology isn’t set to appear in any device until 2020. There are people, though, that hopes that they might at least present a concept device that uses the technology this year. Another thing to expect is TVs that take voice commands, such as Sony’s function that links it to an Amazon Alexa. Other things to expect are the new devices that will comply with the new HDMI 2.1 standard.


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We’re also expecting lots of smartphones to appear in CES and this includes Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. However, CES will be competing with WMC for this right and phone manufacturers might opt to present their new gadgets in Barcelona in February instead rather than in Las Vegas this January. What is said to be certain, though, is that Samsung is going to present their budget phones A8 and A8+, while LG is going to be announcing the new addition to their K series.

Other Stuff

Samsung’s Notebook 9 and 9 Pen will be making an appearance. The Notebook 9 will be able to turn into a tablet with a Notebook 9 Pen support. Other things expected to appear are Honda’s commercial robots, wireless charging technology, and Intel’s new processor. Intel partnered up with rival AMD to create a combo chip that combines Intel’s CPU technology with AMD’s Vega graphics and people are expecting example devices that will be using this new chip.

Of course, this isn’t all that will be appearing in CES. There will be lots more when the show actually starts on January 9. And viewing all these delicious new techs is a great way to start the new year.