Places Where You Can’t or Shouldn’t Play Pokemon GO!

image credit: mimzy via

image credit: mimzy via

Pokemon creatures are everywhere. And Pokemon GO addicts are more than eager to “catch ‘em all”. The craze has once again invaded the whole world, thanks to Nintendo, Niantic, and the Pokemon Company. In its launch last July, Pokemon GO’s daily active users came close to that of Twitter showing a strong following. This was at a time when the game was only released in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now, it has more than 100 million downloads in Android OS after going worldwide and it is now the most downloaded app in Apple Store. Pokemon GO has now reached an average daily usage surpassing that of social media apps including WhatsApp, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But amidst these soaring numbers, the game has also been causing a ruckus amongst global citizens as to where this game could be played. Here is a rundown of places where Pokemon GO can’t be played and shouldn’t be played.

India, China, and South KoreaThese regions in the Asian continent have the biggest populations and yet they have no access yet to the game. India has some connectivity issues relative to its population, China has some problems with Google Maps, and South Korea has some security and hacking issues.

In Malaysia (if you are Muslim) – The game has been rolled out in Malaysia along with 14 other countries in Asia. If you are Muslim in this country however, you are banned from playing Pokemon GO according to Federal State officials citing the reason. “the game could lead to the invasion of personal space, addiction, emotional disorders and other problems.”

Polling Booths in Thailand – The game can be played in the country however, Thai officials have strictly prohibited its citizens to enter polling booths simply to catch Pokemon.

image credit: natureaddict via

image credit: natureaddict via

Minefields in Bosnia – The game was widely accepted and played in Europe but officials in Bosnia reminded Pokemon GO players to be extra vigilant and careful in catching Pokemon so as not to accidentally step inside mine fields.

In Iran and most of the Middle East – Ultra-conservative countries in the Middle East have not confirmed the availability of Pokemon GO in their region. Iran on the other hand, declared the game ‘banned’ saying it lacked certain permits and citing security concerns over its geolocation-based gaming interface.

Outer Space – Unfortunately, for people in the International Space Station, the game is not available in outer space. This is due to the lack of internet connectivity and the impossibly fast satellite housing the astronauts that orbit the earth. Pokemon creatures however, have been spotted at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and near the site of Saturn V rockets.

In the Driver’s Seat While Driving – The most recent update of the game shows a message warning gamers not to play the game while driving. It can also detect your speed and flashes a warning that you are going too fast if you are in a vehicle. You have to select “I’m a passenger” to continue playing.

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image credit: stux via

Memorials and Cemeteries Some people have complained about war memorials and cemeteries being swarmed by Pokemon GO fans not to commemorate the past but to catch Pokemon.

Restricted Military Facilities – From the United States of America to Indonesia, there have been countless stories of Pokemon GO gamers accidentally entering restricted areas and therefore putting themselves in danger. Some countries have gone so far as putting special signs warning players not to enter danger zones.

Police StationsMany police stations have become Pokestops in the game. Some players however, have misconstrued Pokestops for actual locations where “real” Pokemon items are kept. In Darwin, the police have released a statement that players need not enter the station premises as Pokemon items found in their stop can be acquired only virtually. In London, one police station housed a very rare Pokemon, Charizard. It tweeted that anyone who listed on their wanted list are free to enter the police station to catch the rare dragon Pokemon!