Photoshop App For That Photo Finish Smartphone Snaps

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You can now experience the complete Photoshop experience on your iPad, but that doesn’t stop there. Recently, Adobe made an exciting software announcement that they are releasing the latest AI-powered app for smartphone devices called Photoshop Camera. This brand new app has the ability to edit your pictures for you automatically.

To be released by 2020

The app is not available for the public to download yet, but Adobe stresses that Photoshop Camera is free for Android and iOS phones. They are planning to release it in early 2020. The app utilizes Adobe’s very own Sensei tech, which is the same mechanism that supports Photoshop features such as ‘Select Subject’ that can automatically distinguish subjects in your pictures and carry out appropriate edits. With this app, Adobe aims to assists those who don’t want to learn the intricate workings of software such as Photoshop. If you are someone who tried to edit your photos but doesn’t have time to do it, you’ll also benefit from the editing powers of Photoshop Camera. It allows you to snap, edit, and import pictures using one app. This is what Adobe showcases as “real-time Photoshop-grade magic right from the viewfinder.”

Photoshop App
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Limited features but accurate adjustments

Though the app doesn’t provide the comprehensive features and specs of independent apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express, this latest Photoshop Camera app claims to offer a massive selection of automatic and incredible editing features. Some of the most notable features that you should look forward to this app are its capacity to recognize the kind of picture that you are planning to take. For instance, it can detect if you are shooting selfies, landscapes, or portraits, and it will apply suitable edits right after you capture it. Just like the complete version of Photoshop, this app can also recognize the technical qualities of all your pictures, such as the tonality, dynamic range, and face regions, before putting accurate adjustments.

Take creative shots

Basically, you may not always like the edits Photoshop Camera creates. Don’t worry because it saves your original picture in case you want to edit it on your own. Besides this, if you are interested in upgrading your edits to the next level, the app offers an option wherein you can apply lenses made by famous and renowned artists such as Billie Eilish. Now, you’ll have creative shots like your favorite artists! 

This is all possible using one convenient and powerful app. You don’t have to switch to different apps and make everything complicated since Photoshop Camera will automatically edit your photos, while also giving you the chance to add your personal touch unto it – in case you had a change of heart and wanted to try out the editing scene.  

The complete version of the Photoshop Camera app won’t be released until early 2020. However, you can now try out the limited version and see how it works for yourself. You can even make your personalized lenses. To experience this editing wonders, sign up to Adobe’s Photoshop Camera preview.