New Leaks on the Final Design of the New iPhone 8 Are Out

Image of the new iPhone from another angle. Possible enlarged power button can bee seen clearer. (Image Source: Forbes)

Image of the new iPhone from another angle. Possible enlarged power button can bee seen clearer. (Image Source: Forbes)

iPhone fans were surprised this week as new leaks concerning the rumored upcoming iPhone 8 have surfaced. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly has worked with the luxury case maker, Nodus, to obtain the leaks from the Apple supply chain. He reports that the rumor about the next gen iPhone being the most expensive ever is likely true and the price will play around USD $1,100 to $1,200. The initial model consumers will be getting will have 128GB of storage, and that expanding up to 256GB is possible by paying extra.

But what excited the fans more were the images that came along with the leaks that are being claimed to be the final design for the new iPhone.

Final Design

Image Source: Forbes

Front shot of the iPhone 8 (Image Source: Forbes)

Leaked images showed that the final design sports a 5.8-inch OLED screen with 4mm bezels on all sides. The given reason for that is that it will be harder to give accidental inputs. The image of the bottom side of the phone confirms that there will be no 3.5 mm headset jack and will get a Lightning port instead. Possible existence of a USB-C port on the opposite side is suspected. The endurance of the iPhone 8’s battery is rumored to be better than its predecessor so fans are hoping to get a faster charger and this might be it.

Image Source: Forbes

Bottom Part (Image Source: Forbes)

The stereo setup is rumored to be a combination of the amplified earpiece and the bottom speaker, which is a carry over from the iPhone 7. The report also tells of an enlarged power button. It is said this will also be the location for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor should the under-display version not make it into the final design.

Image Source: Forbes

Enlarged Power Button (Image Source: Forbes)

Still there are other unknown facts about the new iPhone, like how the iOS 11 will accommodate the top area of the display where the front camera and other sensors should be. The source is also unsure of the configurations of the lens of the camera (though the report expects a 12MP lens) and what chipset the phone will be using. What the source is sure of is that the corners will be used for battery status and connectivity and that the notifications will be at the bottom so that it would be easier to reach.

Other Things We Know

Before this, Gordon Kelly had already released two previous reports about Apple’s designs for the iPhone 8 as well as the release date, which is this September. In those leaks, Gordon reveals that there are two other phones that will be released with the iPhone 8: The iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7 Plus. The 7s is a smaller version of the iPhone 7 while the 7 Plus is a larger version.

The leaks also report that the camera will be vertically aligned so when the phone is held horizontally in landscape orientation the cameras will be horizontally aligned. This is to support any app that might be using Augmented Reality, which needs horizontally aligned cameras to be effective. Other details, such as the 5.8 inch display, the enlarged power button, the Touch ID functionality and its lack of headphone jacks were also discussed. But since those details came from CAD files they have obtained through Nodus’ supply chain they weren’t sure if these were the final designs.

No doubt that with September coming in less than 5 weeks, its going to be a hectic time for any Apple fan who hasn’t started saving yet. The hype is already here folks, and missing out would definitely suck.