NASA: The First Person On Mars Could Be A Woman

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When NASA sends someone in space, that lucky astronaut will not only travel for the agency, but for the entire world. You’ve heard about the first man that ever walked the moon, but are you ready for the first woman on Mars?

Landing the first woman on Mars

NASA has presently no concrete plans for sending humans to Mars; however, they are looking forward to landing the first woman on the said planet via a new space exploration to be conducted soon. According to a statement released by John Brindenstine to the reporters, the NASA Administrator could clearly see the potential milestone that the planet will soon enjoy. And this time, the small step from a woman will represent one huge leap for the entire humanity. It is safe to say that this milestone will be packed with woman empowerment and girl power. With so many issues about gender in the past, recognizing what women can do in the workplace or for the entire world is amazing. And NASA is doing a great job in highlighting what these female astronauts are capable of. 

First female spacewalk

Last Friday, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated during a press conference that there is a huge possibility that the first human being who will step on Mars might be a woman. Bridenstine happily shares to the reporters the details of the first-ever female spacewalk that recently took place, after how many months of facing a delay. He also stresses over the fact that he could clearly see that the first person to ever walk on Mars could be a woman. This remarkable plan could be a huge milestone.

However, whoever is chosen to sojourn to Mars is definitely too young to be part of the current astronaut corps of NASA. The quest to Mars won’t take place until around 2030s. So, if his 11-year-old daughter is planning to join them, then this planet can take pride in having a first woman on Mars in the not so distant future, the NASA chief added. 

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President Donald Trump also congratulates astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch on the same press conference for finishing the first all-female spacewalk. The president also stated how incredible and amazing these female astronauts are. They are brave people for having the courage to do what other people can’t or won’t do. This is another history that the world will always remember. 

Meir responded to the president by thanking him on the same press conference. She also added that as much as possible, she and Koch aren’t the only one who deserves recognition since there are a lot of other women who bravely completed space walks in the past. For them, this is only an act of doing what they do best and following their jobs. They are honored to be part of such a great history.

Girl power it is

Though the future is not yet here, it’s clear that women will surely have a place on it. It’s high time that their capacity is recognized and honored that they are also capable of making great things happen.