Motorola’s Brand new Razr – First Foldable Smartphone is Here

motorazr 2019
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Drum roll for the comeback of the iconic Razr! After 15 years, Motorola is here to bring nostalgia back. The company is launching Razr, the legendary flip phone worth $1499 that features a flexible display that you can fold up when not in use.

All-new and powerful Razr

The latest Razr from the pioneer company, Motorola is not the first-ever smartphone that comes with a foldable and flexible screen; however, it’s one of those phones that consumer gets excited about. The most notable feature about Razr is its design that perfectly embodies the original look of its first version. Though other foldable models utilize dual-screen displays that are oddly wide, the newfangled Razr restores the classic clamshell design of its old version. It’s just a little bigger and wider compared to the original, but it will bring nostalgic feelings to those who coveted or owned a Razr in the past.

When folded, it has a 2.7-inch “Quick View” display that lets you view your notifications, take a selfie, or scan through different apps. One striking feature of the phone is the front camera sports the same 16 MP to the rear-facing shooter when you unfold it.

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Moreover, it offers a 6.2-inch display “FlexView” OLED display when unfolded. Compared to other smartphones, it’s a little narrower, which makes it very easy to use with one hand. In addition, Motorola specifically designed a one-of-a-kind “zero-gap” hinge system to accommodate the entire display. The space at the center of the two halves of the phone doesn’t exist, and when the user unfolds it, the hinge is barely even there. Basically, there are zero creases on the area that the display folds in.

The classic take

Having a smartphone that you can flip and fold is a unique twist to the modern line of phones that are sold in the market today. After all, it’s not bad to bring back the classic once in a while. The latest Razr isn’t the most comfortable phone to flip when you are using just one hand, and it doesn’t give that traditional thwack when you fold it; however, it’s exciting to have a phone that you can fold up and enjoy numerous displays again – takes you back to the good old days.

Will this newest product from Motorola become a hit? The answer isn’t clear yet. By taking inspiration from the original version, Motorola surprises everyone by offering a phone that’s big enough when you need it and small enough when you don’t. This being said, the smartphone costs about $1500, and you should be cautious about the price. The hinge system might impose some concern, and whether or not the display can withstand wear and tear is still questionable. However, Motorola confidently claims that it will survive. But if you take it from the previous Galaxy Fold from Samsung, there’s always a possibility that foldable devices will end up being problematic. With this, maybe the flexible display and the foldable features are nothing but a plain gimmick.