More Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks, Confirms Attendance in MWC

Image Source: Venturebeat

Image Source: Venturebeat

Samsung may have withheld their hands when it comes to the mobile department during CES this year, but they’ve now announced that they’re going to be presenting their next flagship, the Galaxy S9, in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this coming February 25. And with that news comes with a brand new batch of leaks about the much anticipated iPhone X rival directly from Evan Blass, known for being a notorious leaker of information on Twitter.

However, one glaring feature that seems absent with the leak is the folding feature. This could mean that, once again, the folding idea got scrapped and Samsung might have decided that continuing on with the current trend of smartphone design might be the best route to take. As it stands today, folding phones would end up bulkier and heavier than any phone that’s currently available in today’s market. This runs counter to the current trend that phones should be lighter and thinner. Maybe someday, when phones are thinner than the ones currently in the market, they might be able to create a folding phone that’s just as light and thin as the current phones of today. Sorry, folding phone fans, it seems your time is still far off.

New Specs

Tim Baxter on stage (Image Source: Samsung)

Samsung in CES 2018. No new news of the Galaxy S9 at the time. (Image Source: Samsung)

The new S9’s specs are somewhat less exciting than what people would expect for the next generation. It looks boring, to be honest, as if the company is trying to play it safe. This isn’t a bad thing though: being experimental could lead to losses so keeping thing safe for now until it is sure that new gimmicks will not fail is a smart move.

According to Blass, the S9 will feature a 5.8-inch SAMOLED display. The Galaxy S9 Plus will be slightly larger, at 6.2-inches. Both phones will be running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 for US and China, and a Samsung Exynos 9810 for those that are going to be sold elsewhere. Both phones will also sport a 12 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. However, there seems to have differences when it comes to their RAM and storage: the S9 will get 4GB RAM and the S9 Plus will get 6 GB RAM. The storage capacity for both phones also differs: S9 will get 64Gb storage only while the S9 Plus will get 128GB for storage.

Possible Gimmicks

Image Source: Venturebeat

Possibly the Galaxy S9, image leaked by Venturebeat (Image Source: Venturebeat)

However, there might be some possible gimmicky features involved with the new phone. The leak says that it will also include a fingerprint scanner but the scanner will be located at the back and possibly below the camera array. As for other gimmicks, there’s nothing solid people could base their speculations on right now. There is, however, the invitation Samsung gave, that has a solid black background with a purple “9” in the center extending towards down the image. The image also shows the words “The Camera” outside the “9” and the word “Reimagined” inside the 9. Obviously, this means that Samsung’s new gimmick has to do with the camera. People are speculating that the S9 might be following the trend of iPhone X and has a similar FaceID function. Some say this might be the fingerprint scanner being located below the camera array. Or it can be entirely different altogether: from a camera and phone that can capture and process 2000 FPS, to a camera that can take pictures of the surface of the Moon or see the rings of Saturn with extreme accuracy.

The Mobile World Congress

Any official news from Samsung will be heard most likely in Barcelona in February, where all the major mobile manufacturers are expected to present what’s new and upcoming from their companies. All, except LG, who seems to be planning to skip the MWC and has decided to announce their new flagship after the event. Instead they’ll be presenting a variant of a phone already on the market.