MobED – A Small Mobility Platform from Hyundai Can Carry Drinks and Humans

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With each passing year, robotics progresses, leading to highly proficient robots capable of climbing stairs, opening doors, and even racing against a Tesla. While Boston Dynamics has already demonstrated some of the most cutting-edge and far-fetched robotic designs, Hyundai’s innovative device aims to push the boundaries of robotics innovation.

Hyundai’s Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) is built to outperform robots like Spot because of its four separate and highly flexible wheels, which keep the robot’s long rectangular body straight and sturdy even while crossing uneven surfaces. MobED’s main platforms are steered and adjusted by three electric engines on each wheel, allowing the robot to quickly handle tight turns and even steep terrain while holding material secure.

Hyundai is most renowned for its automobiles, but it also produces and sells a wide range of other products. The organization has also ventured into robotics, showcasing prototype gadgets such as the controlled robotic DAL-e and moving vehicle robots that challenge the Transformers. The most recent addition to that lineup is this new robot, and while it may not have the same wow appeal at first, the technology behind it is rather astounding.


It will be introduced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, which will be demonstrated doing jobs in complex and complicated conditions.

MobED can reach a high speed of approximately 31 miles per hour and ride at that pace for almost four hours without stopping, although carrying just over 50 kg. That’s a bit quicker than robots like Boston Dynamics’ Spot, which has a maximum speed of nearly four miles per hour and a run time of roughly 90 minutes, thanks to its four movable legs.

MobED’s long rectangular body is also more adaptable because of its active suspension. As a result, Hyundai anticipates numerous potential applications for the technology, including a driverless baby stroller, a navigation gadget, and even an auto and configurable camera slider for the movie industry, in addition to transporting a mountain of cargo boxes.

The company explained in a press release that In-place spin and 360° movement is possible because of each wheel’s individual power and steering control. They went on to say that this enables extremely effective mobility even in tight spaces.

MobED Figures
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By altering the height of each tire in response to the ground situation, the ‘Eccentric’ wheel drive manages posture and stabilizes body expression. Moreover, the 12-inch inflatable tyres on the MobED absorb even more road shocks, helping it transport even the most delicate goods.

MobED Figures 

Speed: 18.6mph (30kmh)

Dimension: 26*23*13 inches

Battery capacity: 2kWh

Maximum runtime: 4 hours 

Weight: 110lb (50kg)

Wheelbase: stretches to 25 inches (65 cm)

For movements in more difficult settings, this scaled down to 17 inches (45 cm).

Dong Jin Hyun, Head of Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Lab said, “We built a MobED platform to alleviate the limits of existing indoor lead and machines while enhancing their usability in cities.”

Many companies see new opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills as automated driving technology evolves. And the most recent example of this pattern is MobED.