Microsoft Launching Whole New Slew Of Products For Educational Market

Microsoft Products For Educational Market
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Education is still ongoing despite the pandemic. This is possible thanks to the use of modern technology. Devices like laptops and tablets allow students to connect and do their schoolwork with ease. Google currently dominates this segment of the tech market with its Chromebooks. Cheap and easy to use, they are ideal for use by even the youngest students. Microsoft is planning to muscle in one that action. The tech giant announced their launch of some new educational products that will catch many parents’ and educators’ eyes.

Introducing the Surface Laptop SE

While Surfacebooks are not new, those offerings were competition for Apple. High-end products were for consumers who had the cash to spend. However, this new release from Microsoft is more for those with limited budgets. The Surface Laptop SE is a lightweight version of the Surfacebooks and is very affordable. Priced at $249, this laptop competes directly with the Chromebook market of low-priced laptops.

This new offering from Microsoft is packing the trimmed-down Windows 11 SE. Windows 11 shipped with many features that made it unfeasible for a low-level laptop. Now that Microsoft has decided to cut out a lot of the fat. Now the focus of the OS is education-first apps. Students would be able to use the Microsoft suite of tools. With Microsoft 365, users will have access to everything a student needs. There is even Minecraft to entertain them educationally.

The hardware for the laptop is not bad either. Packing a modern processor, it should load files and apps quickly. Combined with a long-lasting battery and an HD camera, this product is ideal for young students who are learning online,

Accessories are also available. This includes cases and headsets for added functionality and protection. Students don’t have to worry about spilled drinks on their keyboards anymore with their keyboard protector. There is also the added security of a Kensington Nano Security Slot to prevent access to the laptop while inactive.

Introducing the Surface Laptop SE
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Additional SE products

Microsoft is not the only source of these laptops. Several SE-based laptops will be hitting the market in the coming months from Microsoft partners. Acer will be releasing the TravelMate B3 and the Spin B3, which will be packing good WiFi connections, powerful processors, and 10 hours of battery life. Asus will also be throwing their hat into the ring with BR110F which will have a touch screen, stylus, and perfect for video-conferencing. Other big names like Dell and HP will also be releasing their offerings.

These offerings are what Microsoft is putting up against Google’s Chrome offerings. While Microsoft is dominating the desktop environment with its OS, the Chrome OS-powered laptops of the search giant are making an impression on future consumers. Thanks to the online set-up of Chrome, the inexpensive laptops pack a lot of functionality in a small package. Every student using them has access to the suite of Google tools which directly compete with Microsoft’s offerings. But Chromebook domination will soon face a stiff challenge as various laptop makers are offering Windows 11 SE options. It will be interesting to see the future developments in this market.