LG’s AI Powered Washer for Dummies

Smart ThinQ
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LG, a South Korean electronics giant that is well-loved for their smartphones, LED TVs, and home robots will soon release an AI-powered washing machine that blatantly sends a profound message to its consumers: LG does not think highly of its customers.

The all-new LG ThinQ Washer with AI will soon be available for release in the US market in the next two quarter of this year 2020. It is said to revolutionize the entire laundry industry with the whole artificial intelligence systems. You might ask, what does it do specially that sets it apart from regular washers?

Smart washing machine

Simple. The washer determines the kind of cycle to run depending on the kind of materials you place inside it. For those who will need more assistance, the LG ThinQ Washer on AI can help discern the softness or dullness of your laundry, it will know how big the laundry load is, and if you have already sold into the whole smart home future scheme sold by LG and other electronic companies, we suggest setting your eye to its sibling the – ThinQ Dryer. We all want to see exactly how this washer is capable of working out all sorts of load and how it will eventually choose an appropriate program. This super bright LG machine will surely result in super improved cleaning with washing mode that is very accurate and is best suited to the contents of the laundry drum. To be able to accomplish this, the smart washer provides a nod to a much deeper learning by getting on vast amounts of data that were collected at its development. As it determines the weight of the dirty clothes and laundry, it will set an optimal cycle for washing and cleaning it.

Smart washing machine
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Goodbye menial chores

To put it simply, we shall all bid goodbye to the days when we have to choose hot or cold, depending on our laundry type. Now, all that menial chore and burdensome tasks are gone, thanks to AI systems and smart appliances. The ThinQ AI machine will do all the work for you. And for sure, you will have access to voice commands too!

You can now operate your washing machine following voice recognition technology from LG. Here, you can get pre-treatment tips they voice for all of your laundry needs depending on the kind of stain like chocolate, wine, or ink, etc. We all don’t know exactly how much this AI washer will finally cost, but surely there is no way to do price comparison with its non-AI intelligent counterparts. Nevertheless, that is completely okay as the kind of person that needs AI washing machine will not have to look into the hefty prices anyway. They will skip past that and enjoy its amazing and one of a kind features instead.

Lastly, another feature that catches our eyes are the way the front loaders can be partnered and paired with LG TwinWash mini washing machines that’s underneath it. This is a smaller washer that can be used to wash tiny loads, or anything so dirty you’d not mix it with your regular clothes.