Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories For Cooking Enthusiasts To Use This Quarantine Season


This quarantine period has been nothing but pure bliss for those who like to spend time in their kitchen and most especially to those who work at home amidst the health crisis. Now that you are staying inside, away from restaurants or office breakroom, preparing your food from breakfast to dinner is all up to you. If you need a little hand to upgrade your kitchen game, here are some equipment that can help you out.

Frywall Splatter Cone

Are you tired of burns from oil splash or pasta stains on your shirt? The Frywall Splatter Cone ensures that you’ll never experience any of these again. This silicone splatter screen is available in three sizes: eight-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes. It also fits various pans and pots. The splatter also comes in a variety of colors, including black, red, orange, and green.

RIG TIG DROP Compact Colander

For those who wanted to level up their kitchen game while also saving a lot of space, the RIG-TIG DROP Compact Colander addresses both. It is a multiuse colander that replaces the functions of many kitchen tools. It is perfect for washing fruits and leafy greens, and it also works excellently as a strainer for pasta and other ingredients. In addition, you can use it as a salad spinner. 

Dreamfarm Levoons Scrape Level Measuring Spoons

The Dreamfarm Levoons Scrape Level Measuring Spoons has a built-in scraper that ensures you get nothing but precise measurements every single time. All you need to do is move the lever to get some of the excess ingredients on top. Instead of using your hand to scrape off the excess, this tool does everything for you. You’ll have all the fun and satisfaction of baking, minus the need to clean any mess. 

Kitchen Accessories

Dreamfarm Garject Garlic Press Scrape Eject

With the Dreamfarm Garject Garlic Press Scrape Eject, you’ll efficiently press garlic without getting any mess on your hands. This kitchen tool can press unpeeled garlic, clean itself, and release the peel. This is a powerful yet easy to use garlic press scrape that helps you achieve a specific kitchen task without making your hands stinky or smelly. 

TOTO Blade Rhino Knife Sharpener

The TOTO BLADE Rhino Knife Sharpener is a fun yet extremely helpful kitchen accessory. Equipped with a non-slip base, this knife sharpener is nothing but easy and safe to use. No need to worry about accidentally slicing your finger when prepping your ingredients, this allows you to work seamlessly even with wet hands. It comes in two color options, namely Charcoal and Green. Plus, it is shaped like a tiny rhinoceros.

Dreamfarm Holey Spadle Dual Spoon Ladle

Cooking is fun until you have to do the dirty dishes. With the Dreamfarm Holey Spadle Dual Spoon Ladle, you’ll be able to maintain the cleanliness of most of your kitchen tools. This convenient tool works as a slotted serving spoon with the ability to strain anything that you’re cooking. This is perfect for preparing noodles, catching vegetables, and the likes. 

We hope that these kitchen gadgets and accessories can elevate your cooking skills to the next level, this quarantine. Happy cooking!