Introducing the iEV Z: A Morphing Electric Car to Fit Your Needs

iEV Z Electric Car
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Four years ago, a car manufacturer in Denmark introduced a small electric car. The company named the car iEV X. The fantastic thing about the car is its ability to stretch from a single to a two-seater vehicle. This year, the car manufacturer, iEV Motors of Denmark, introduced a new and improved electric car model they call iEV Z.

The iEV Z

You cannot help but fall in love with the latest iteration of the tiny electric car. The car only measures 78 cm or 30.7 in width as a single-seater. The width is 145 cm (57 in), and its length is 198 cm (78 in). According to iEV Motors, the car weighs about 220 kg (485 lbs).

When you need to accommodate another passenger, the car, powered by robotics, can extend its length up to 235 cm (92.5 in), a difference of 37 cm (14.5 in). The extension allows a second folding seat to come out from behind the driver’s seat. Surprisingly, it can extend further to 275 cm (108 in) for extra cargo aside from the passenger. The manufacturer says that the transformation only takes a few seconds.

People who have seen its predecessor, the iEV X, say that the car looks like an electric quad cycle that combines the functionality of a vehicle and the ease of use of an electric bicycle. However, the iEV X and the iEV Z can change their size. Thus, it is like having your simple Transformer, even if it is not like Bumblebee.

The vehicle is intelligent, according to the manufacturer. Like an electronic device, an app controls the entire car, including performing the extension, checking the stats, starting the motor, and opening the car.

Morphing Electric Car
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Other features

iEV Z has a 1-kW motor. The motor gives the car a max 45 km/h (28 mph) speed. Its lithium battery pack (3.3-kW/h) allows the vehicle to run for about 100 km (62 mi) on a full charge. Battery charging takes about three hours. iEV Z has solar panels on its rooftop, which helps keep it running. In areas where traffic regulations are more lenient, it is possible to drive the iEV Z in bicycle lanes because of its size.

The new model now sports a completely redesigned carbon steel chassis. Aluminum/carbon fiber makes up the car’s body. Its cargo area is in front. It has anti-intrusion beams for additional safety and strength, power windows of molded safety glass. The robotic charging system also got an upgrade. Its features include an emergency exit that will activate if the car is in a collision and the robotic mechanism fails. Each of its four wheels has a disk brake, and for additional protection, it has polycarbonate rear and front bumpers. Its chassis is made of carbon steel, and its parts are 3D printed.

iEV Motors claims that the iEV Z is the world’s narrowest car and six times smaller than a standard-sized car. Because of its small size, the iEV Z is the only car in the world that you can drive through a doorframe.

The interior is modern, comfortable, and equipped with two seats. The passenger seat is at the back of the driver’s seat, safely tucked away until needed. The iEV Z has a dashboard with a 12-inch display, LED touch buttons, and cameras.

The iEV Z is not yet available commercially. However, iEV Motors says they will have the first units delivered in the latter part of the year. The new version has an updated body and other upgrades that make the car safer to drive on the road. iEV Motors is also working on the iEV Z+ with higher specs.

European authorities classify the iEV Z as a quad/micro-mobility scooter under the 2.1.6-L6 category. This classification means it can travel on dedicated bike lanes and the road. Although still in production, iEV Motors is accepting pre-orders. For the first 50 customers, the selling price is $6,633 (€5,850), outside of taxes and shipping. Priority list reservation is $114 (€100).