Hackers Disclose The Scariest Things They Know About Technology That You Didn’t Know About

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Many people often resort to using the same password for almost everything, or a slight variation for all of their accounts. If you are one of them then, you’re as guilty as me! You probably didn’t know this is not a good idea. Don’t fret; you are not alone on this. The general public is generally as clueless about scary tech hacks.

True-blue hackers have insider knowledge on how technology can really take a terrifying turn. Here are some things real hackers revealed that the public doesn’t know about:

Never use the same password – ever again!

Refrain from the practice of using the exact same password for everything. You can compromise your accounts by doing this. A real hacker will have to simply go to your email and boom! All of your accounts can be easily accessed without you knowing it. You should not also use the same username.

Hackers can have all of your data routed to their PC

Every network comes with an ARP or Address Resolution Protocol. This matches the internal IP address of your router to a MAC address which is a hardwired ID for each network card on computing devices. The scary part is that it is unsecured. Hackers can tell devices found on the network that his MAC address and machine, is the router. All data within the network can come to his device before it is even sent to the router. He literally sees every single piece of data that is sent and received over the network. And so, public Wi-Fi is extremely insecure for just about anything!

Just a simple password is all it takes

You can have the best and the brightest IT team in the world. But a simple call asking for a password is all it takes to access everything. Hacker can call on a new employee and say ‘Hey, you’re the new employee, right? It’s Harry from the IT Security, there is a breach in the system, and I need the Admin password, can you get it for me?’ Then, she simply says ‘Okay,’ to do away with the problem fast. Then, all else is history.

Hackers can bring down airplanes
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Hackers can bring down airplanes with only a $1,000 equipment

GPS can be faked, and hackers can override the signals with a piece of simple equipment that costs only $1,000. It can be used to change the position of the GPS receiver to something else. Same goes with boats. Air traffic can even be controlled and messed up with.

Malware can now mess up with your smartphones, and they are readily available

One can easily create a device that intercepts mobile data in the area, and you can easily purchase equipment that can jam all smartphones. Hackers can also use malware to remotely activate your web camera, mic, and whatever devices that are hooked up to your computer.

They can hack into your Wi-Fi

Yes, sir, they can do that! They only need a simple program known as ‘Aircrack-ng’ to do this.

User-friendly technology makes us more susceptible and illiterate about technology

With technology becoming super user-friendly, the challenge is that people get more tech illiterate. Do not fall prey to these illegal activities, secure your online data and be on top of things.