Google Nest Mini vs Google Home Mini: Which Is The Best?

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The Google Nest Mini was finally introduced to the public. It is the successor of the cheapest smart speaker that was released by Google, which is the Google Home Mini. The latter was an exceptional speaker that offers plenty of remarkable specs and features. However, even though it was well-loved in the market, it had some issues, which brings to the creation of the Google Nest Mini. Will this brand-new smart speaker offer much better performance than its previous counterpart? We will help you understand the difference between the two.

Google Nest Mini vs Google Home Mini: Features and Specs

The most noteworthy feature of the Google Home Mini is its cost-effective price. In fact, it is hailed as the most affordable smart speaker that ever graced the industry, with a price range of $49 / £49 / AU$79. Fortunately, the Google Nest Mini is priced at a similar range too, which is a massive steal for those who wanted an upgraded speaker function, without the additional cost.

In terms of design, both speakers have the same shape and size, as well as similar sleek fabric grilled and four-LED display. They also have the same range of colors, namely Charcoal, Chalk, and Coral, and a new addition to Google Nest Mini, which is Sky. Moreover, they also feature the same capacitive touch controls that enable users to control music playback. The difference, however, is visible on the latest fabric grille of Google Nest Mini, since it is now constructed from recycled plastic bottles and the external enclosure is made from approximately 35% post-consumer recycled plastic. Another upgrade is the ultrasound technology, which lights up when the music is playing, making it extremely easy for users to see and locate the volume buttons. Also, the Google Nest Mini is wall-mountable.

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Moreover, it’s evident that these two smart speakers from Google share a lot of similar features. Besides the price and design, both speakers can carry out calls around the US that are free of charge. They can also stream from various music apps, including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and YouTube Music. However, the Google Nest Mini steps up way further since it is now supported by Bluetooth 5.0. It offers consistent connection when listening to music from your device in a wireless manner. Another brand-new feature is the capacity of the speaker to be used as an intercom. This allows you to communicate with anyone in your home through your Nest speaker or phone.

Lastly, the most vital feature that customers are dying to know is the sound quality of the Google Nest Mini compared to the Google Home Mini. Now, the Nest Mini sports double bass power compared to the Home Mini. This is made possible thanks to the custom 40 mm driver.

Final Words

Looking at its brand-new features, it is safe to say that the Google Nest Mini is the next-level smart speaker. It has the same affordable price as the Home Mini, with much better sound quality, design, and specs.