Eye Manipulation: New iOS 13’s FaceTime Can Now Fake Eye Contact

Eye Manipulation FaceTime
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According to app designer Mike Rundle, Apple’s latest iOS 13 has a unique feature in its FaceTime which allows users to fake eye contact during video calls.

By pressing the Attention Correction setting in the FaceTime app, you can manipulate eye contact as if you are looking straight into the camera, even though you are actually looking at the screen and the person in front of you.

FaceTime: What is It?

FaceTime is an application by Apple and it is used in most of their products including iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. The application allows apple users to communicate with other users through video call using mobile phone number or email. Before, FaceTime requires Wi-Fi connection to connect to other users, but now it only requires cellular networks. Communicating is seamless for Apple users using this application.

The only downside is Apple doesn’t allow installation of FaceTime on personal computers. Apple is widely known because the majority of their software is limited to their own line of products only. It doesn’t allow users to integrate with other devices from different company. This is the Apple’s way of maintaining their product’s identity in one secure environment. Apart from that, it is also their trademark.

Due to this, many people have tried to utilize an Android Emulator such as Bluestack or Youwave to import FaceTime in their personal computer. However, they failed since it is impossible to do that at this moment.

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How Does FaceTime Work? FaceTime utilizes cellular data network such as LTE or 3G to make video calls. Usually, it follows a data plan from a Cellular Data Network which measures the data usage of the user each month. There are many mobile phone operators that offer data subscription. Usually, you will be given unlimited data plan in your subscription and you pay it with a fixed amount every month. You can use your data plan for video calls in your FaceTime app or for surfing in the net. You can also opt for fix data plan wherein you will be given an allowance of 1GB, 5GB, or much higher depending on your personal preference. However, you need to be careful with using fix data plan since phone operators charge additional fee once you exceed your data allowance. FaceTime’s Fake Eye Contact Feature It was Mike Rundle who tryout the fake eye contact feature of FaceTime with Will Sigmon, a podcaster. The two claimed that the feature only works on iPhone XS and XS Max. It doesn’t apply to the 2017 version of iPhone X. Apple users must be upset upon learning this fact since the person they’re talking to in  FaceTime video calls always look down the screen and not at them. However, it is simply because the person is looking at you in the screen and not directly into the camera. Though no one knows what sort of trickery is this but Apple totally came here to impress us with their feature, Attention Correction.