Brand New OLED Technology Promises Efficient Smartphone Displays & Longer Battery Life

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The biggest threat to the battery life of most smartphones is the display of the phone. As technology advances, the phone’s display keeps getting wider, as we can see from OnePlus 7 Pro’s 6.67-inch display, so they need to be upgraded to be bright and more efficient indoor and outdoor. Due to this, smartphones with wide screen display need to utilize high amounts of energy to function well in various environments. This is why the newest OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) technology is about to make its debut. It will provide the best of both worlds for smartphone users since it features energy efficiency and optimum levels of brightness.

The Department of Physics and Chemistry at the Imperial College London was the team behind the development of the brand new OLED technology. They curated this innovation through a unique development process which allows OLEDs to emit polarized light.

But what does this really mean? Basically, smartphone displays are created with filters that help decrease the glare that comes from outdoor light sources such as the sun. The filters allow the user to see light clearly from the smartphone’s display. However, it also allows excess light to pass through the phone’s display which often ends up as wasted energy. To simply say it, the light that doesn’t make it to the user’s eyes often end up as waste.

With the development of OLEDs that give off polarized light, the group of experts at the Imperial College London controls the light coming from OLEDs and manipulates them to move through a polarized filter while processing external light sources at the same time.

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What Consumers Can Expect From OLED Technology As of today, this brand new technology wouldn’t affect the current smartphones we have. However, there are still ongoing research about OLED technology and how it can impact the next generation’s smartphone display. It will soon reach a vast array of consumer devices including phones, smart watches, tablet, television, and many more. What will happen when OLED technology reaches the majority of the devices in the market? Consumers will have access to brighter screen display and upgraded energy efficiency. Devices don’t have to use high amount of energy to create bright light because none of it will go through filtration. This breakthrough has the power to multiply the productivity of displays. On top of that, smartphones will have longer battery life. There are many phones that feature long lasting battery life, but that could still be enhanced since the possibilities with technology are seemingly endless. OLED technology doesn’t only guarantee energy efficiency in smartphones; it will also impact other types of devices. For example, smart watches are unable to hold large quantities of batteries, so a few tweaks in its energy efficiency will allow it to drastically improve. Aside from that, OLED TV screens also deliver state of the art contrast ratios compared to LCD screens. The ability of OLED displays to emit polarized light without wasting energy is the innovation everyone is waiting to happen.