BeingAI Introduces the Human-Like ZbeeAI

BeingAI Introduces the Human-Like ZbeeAI
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Robots are slowly but steadily becoming a part of many humans’ daily lives. For example, modern social robots are developed to interact with humans, often using analog sensors. The inputs gathered by the robots’ system are converted into digital data and interpreted by the programming system.

The tools of interactivity of these robots can be broadly divided into outwardly perceptible responses and artificial senses. The former receives support from artificial intelligence.

A 2013 article in Futurism discusses the availability of robots in the future equipped with artificial intelligence. The article focused on the research of Prof. Manuela M. Veloso, who teaches at Carnegie Mellon University. The professor’s research is about CoBots, which are autonomous indoor mobile service robots. These autonomous robots can get across elevators and halls, guide visitors through buildings, and transport items. From the data they have gathered for several years, they got the information to focus their research on the interaction between humans and robots. Prof. Veloso recommends that autonomous robots should be able to talk with humans if they want the robots to interact directly with people.

In this regard, it should be noted that the research team of Prof. Veloso is talking about physical robots equipped with AI and machine learning capabilities.

A new kind of AI robot

BeingAI is a transmedia AI company that creates AI beings that develop trust and engagement with digital-native consumers anytime and anywhere. The company is the first of its kind in the world.

The company recently presented its latest creation in a licensing exhibition show in Las Vegas. They named their AI being Zbee. She exists in a virtual world.

A unique approach to AI robot entity
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A unique approach to AI robot entity

Zbee can operate on various platforms, interacting with people anytime, anywhere. The interaction is a gamified version via digital interfaces. She looks cute, a manga-like character with an engaging personality, and has several personal stories. Zbee is designed to show and teach positive values in people. It can befriend, mentor, and entertain humans.

Zbee is a creation of BeingAI, a Hong Kong-based company established by Lee Chapman, company president, and Jeanne Lim, its CEO. CTO is Amit Kumar Pandey.

The AI being has a different approach in its interaction with people. Its initiative can engage with people in real-time across multiple media devices and platforms to spread positive behavior. It is on course with its mission to engage, inspire, and support young users by providing them with instructions and valuable data. Ms. Lim wants Zbee to become a model for transmedia storytelling. With that in mind, Zbee expresses reflection, positive values, functionality, and empathy through stories.

Human interaction within an augmented reality

The purpose for creating Zbee is different from other robots often used only for entertainment. Aside from entertaining users, Zbee is designed to have value and relevance to human society by sharing her stories: tribulations, trials, goals, jobs, and friends, according to Ms. Lim.

Indeed, Zbee’s creation is sophisticated and ambitious. The concept was in Ms. Lim’s mind while working at Hanson Robotics as Chief Marketing Officer. She was in charge of Sophia, the AI-powered humanoid robot famous for engaging in lengthy conversations and being the first non-human citizen of Saudi Arabia.

She was inspired by Sophia and saw the potential in creating a robot that can connect with people and gain their trust. As a result, BeingAI has developed an AI entity version of Sophia, which will be one of Zbee’s older siblings.

Zbee and her siblings are still in the development stage. The company is developing its software for conversations for the AI entity, along with AR interfaces. The introduction of Zbee in Las Vegas was well-received. There could be a flurry of partnership, investment, and licensing agreements soon.