Atom Touch – The World’s First Artificial Human Arm

Atom Touch
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A prosthetic arm usually has a hook to replace the hand for many people. The hook opens and closes to hold and squeeze objects. Many design variations have occurred through the years. However, most of them do not come close to the look of a human arm. 

But Atom Limbs, a startup company based in California, United States, is now working on an artificial arm with a different working system. The hand of the device connects to a bracelet. The sensitive bracelet can read the muscle signals from the arm stump. The amputee can squeeze, tap, and move the artificial fingers by thinking about the desired movement. 

According to the company, the new artificial arm can restore almost the full range of motion of the arm. Another good thing is that the artificial arm feels comfortable even if the person wears it the entire day. 

prosthetic atom
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Introducing the Atom Touch 

Atom Limbs calls its prosthetic arm Atom Touch, which, according to company CEO Tyler Hayes, is the first genuinely artificial arm in the world. In an interview, Hayes explained why Atom Touch is unique. 

He said they consider Atom Touch an artificial arm whose actions are similar to a regular arm. However, aside from the near-full range of motion, the artificial arm restores the basic sense of touch and enables individual control. Atom Limbs applied modern robotics technology to Atom Touch so that amputees can improve their way of life. 

The artificial arm has several parts. The arm connects to a wearable cuff. The cuff attaches to a shirt. These two parts have a built-in brain-to-computer interface. This interface detects the signals from the wearer’s body, including the stump, to control the artificial arm. 

The company’s inspiration 

CEO Hayes also explained they created Atom Limbs because of his awareness of the failure of the healthcare system to help people who lost their limbs. He added that only a few people choose to wear a prosthetic arm or leg because the product options are of poor usability and quality. Atom Limbs aims to give back the limbs of most amputees and help the physical disability industry.

The company’s long-term goal is to create an artificial arm that will function as an accurate human arm. But the CEO is aware that it may be challenging to reach that level right now. That particular idea will need an invasive system that will directly connect to the nervous system. 

But right now, any person who had an arm amputation can use Atom Touch.  

Impressive functional capabilities
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Impressive functional capabilities

Although still in the developmental stage, the Atom Touch, based on the released information, has impressive capabilities that closely mimic the movements of a human arm, making the artificial arm nearly bionic. 

  • Thumb rotation is similar to human thumb movements.
  • AI enables users to have precise speed control.
  • Provides sensory feedback with the help of over 200 sensors that will produce a sense of velocity, position, force, and contact.
  • Wrist and elbow joints will move like a human arm.
  • Atom Touch can bicep curl 20.4 kg and exert close to 32 kg of grip force.
  • It is water and dust resistant. Users can submerge it in water for 30 minutes.

The company announced that Atom Touch is available for testing in the company Preview Program in the second quarter of 2022. Atom Limbs plans to release the final Atom Touch sometime in 2023. Right now, the projected selling price is between US$50,000 and US$100,000, according to the modular components included in the kit.