7 Practical Tips to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

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Slow internet connection can ruin the quality of your online experience. You can’t download your favorite Game of Thrones series right away or play the video games you are dying to get your hands on. Instead of enjoying your time online, you end up frustrated because of the bottleneck internet.

If you always encounter these issues, don’t worry because here are 7 practical tips to speed up your internet connection:

Reboot your router

For most tech devices, rebooting is the most popular starting point because it usually solves the problem. To restart your router, unplug it first and plug it back in. Then, push the power button located at the back of the unit. You can also go to your browser and log in to the router to turn it off.

Install an Antivirus software on your PC

Usually, slow internet connection is due to the malware in your computer. Malware destroys your bandwidth, and it is the main reason why your internet connection slows down. Make it a point to install antivirus software in your computer to protect it against malware.

Use an Adblock

Ads can add up to your frustration, especially if you have a slow internet connection. Install Adblock to your PC to prevent ads from loading up and bogging down your online experience.

Clean out DNS records

DNS records are the IP addresses you visit while you are using the internet. These records are stored in your PC to speed up your future visits to a similar website. However, they do the opposite. That’s why cleaning or flushing these DNS records can enhance the speed of your internet connection.

Clean out DNS records
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Clear out your internet history

Save downloads, cached images, cookies, and extensive internet history can slow down your internet experience. This is why it is helpful if you delete them once and for all. You also need to auto-fill data and clear your passwords.

Switch to ethernet

WiFi is widely-used everywhere these days. Since there are plenty of users who utilize it, the bandwidths usually get overwhelmed, and the internet slows down due to multiple connections. If you don’t want to experience such an issue, switch to Ethernet cable and connect it to your router. Ethernet has much faster internet speed compared to WiFi bandwidths, and it doesn’t clog down.

Use 5GHz

A 2.4GHz band mostly generates wifi traffic. Later on, router companies noticed that there are a lot of traffic issues that spring up from this and so they created an upgraded router in the form of 5GHz band. The 5GHz band has a limited distance, yet it is still useful since it prevents blockage from garage door openers or household appliances.


Addressing slow internet connection takes a lot of experimentation. The tips we have mentioned above will greatly help you fix your internet issues, so make sure you incorporate them in your solution. Ensure that you are tracking down the speed of your internet every time you make specific changes to determine if it improves.