2019: Major Tech CEO Fails – Guess They’re Human Like Us Too

2019 is about to end. One of the best ways to recap the important events that have happened in the past few months is to look back at how these extremely wealthy CEOs and tech experts made it on top of the headline. From environmental damages to labor violations, these wealthy tech giants have caused it all.

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the known CEO of Tesla that was currently forced the consequences of engineering in the high-class Cybertruck accident. Musk seems to be fond of making himself the headline of every newspaper. He termed the rescue diver as a “pedo guy” and tweeted about, which in return sued him and yep, he went into a trial for that. While that already happened, Musk added another problem – though this one was not quite on the legal aspect – by releasing a “RIP Harambe” rap. This was posted before he temporarily deleted his account in Twitter last June.

Tim Cook

Though 2019 has been an excellent year for a lot of people, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple can’t relate. This man started off his year with a series of mischief, including a topic that is close to his heart, aka privacy. The company’s flagship product, which is the iPhone, has faced severe privacy-violating issues earlier this year. The FaceTime bug was the foundation of all those blunders. Things got worse for the company and its CEO. Other misfortune includes Cook’s incapacity to fight back to Donald Trump when the president mocked the iPhone design. Don’t worry, and you have a whole new year to clean up your act, Tim!

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Mark Zuckerberg

One of the most well-known personalities in the tech world has had his own share of a mishap this year. Though his wealth is still skyrocketing, his reputation has been down the drain. A series of incidents and scandals will surely haunt Mark every time he looks back to 2019. Currently, the CEO was put on a hot seat by the Congress about the bottomless civil rights record of his platform. However, this was just the starting point. He was also faced with a $5 billion charge from the FTC with regards to the “clear history” equipment that didn’t do anything. It was the same time that he states that Facebook has the ability to put an end to Iraq war. And who could forget that he had an exclusive dinner with Donald Trump? Way to go Zuckerberg!

Jeff Bezos

Once you have been through an alleged sexting scandal, screwing over America is just a piece of cake. Take it from Jezz Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, who is quite famous in the fail department. The efforts of his company to distribute facial-recognition innovation to the government placed him on the top list of most hated person among human rights advocate. This and Amazon’s lack of empathy towards client privacy simply scream moral failings.

 As much as we don’t want any of these in 2020, it could always get worse so cheers to that!