The Upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017

Image Source: E3expo

Image Source: E3expo

The most anticipated event in the gaming world is coming: The Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3. Held annually in the Los Angeles Convention Center in L.A. by the Entertainment Software Association, it is the biggest gaming event in the western gaming industry. Most of the upcoming games and projects by different industry leaders are presented here and the show is watched by thousands of gamers around the world every year.

The History of E3

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During the 90’s games were usually presented in other expos and trade fairs such as the Consumer Electronics Show or CES. When the Interactive Digital Software Association was founded in 1994 (which later on became the Entertainment Software Association in 2003) as a response to games not having a rating system, it unified the American gaming industry. The newly united industry then felt that they need some type of trade fair to help customers get to know their products to make smart purchases. It will also let them interact with the publishers, industry leaders, vendors, etc.

It was Pat Ferell, with the help of the International Data Group, that ultimately founded the annual trade fair specifically made for the video game industry. He contacted the IDSA and proposed the idea of having a convention only for video games, but he found out that they were already in negotiation with the Consumer Technology Association (then known as the Consumer Electronic Association). CEA promised to have a dedicated space next to CES that will be dedicated to video games. After months of negotiation Pat Ferell “won” and the CES gaming event cancelled.

The following year, 1995, the first E3 event was held.

So What’s to Expect This Year?

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In last year’s show Microsoft announced their Project Scorpio for the Xbox. Featuring a gaming console that they claim to be powerful enough to render true 4K resolution gaming, they made an announcement last February that they would talk more about it this E3. They might also present something related to VR as well. Anticipated games to be presented include Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves. Conference stream will be on June 11.

Sony might present another surprise this year for the Playstation 4 and their Playstation VR. There aren’t anything specific yet, though it was reported that critically acclaimed game producer, Hideo Kojima, has confirmed that his new game, Death Stranding, will not be appearing this year as they have been working on it. Their conference will be on June 12.

With Nintendo releasing their new console, the Nintendo Switch, a lot of people will be expecting more announcements about the games coming to the platform. Nintendo is also apparently planning something big, according to Reggie Fils-Aime. More announcements about Super Mario Odyssey, ARMS and Splatoon 2 are also expected. Their presentation will start on June 13.

Other 3rd party game makers are expected to show more of their upcoming games for all the current consoles in the market: Sega, and by extension Atlus, has confirmed their E3 line up recently, with very anticipated titles, such as Yakuza 6, 13 Sentinal (by Vanillaware) and Etrian Odyssey V. Electronic Arts has also confirmed their line-up. Ubisoft has announced upcoming games, like Assassin’s Creed Origins and FarCry 5, so its safe to assume that they will also be in this year’s show. Bethesda, too, will be having their own presentation but there’s nothing specific yet. Games like Doom and Fallout seems like the best bet.

Finally, Konami, out of all game companies, is reported to be attending the show. After earning the hate of a lot of gamers after their sacking of Hideo Kojima, one has to wonder what kind of games they will present to appeal to the western audience.

All of these are just confirmations and speculations of what we might see in the show. There are definitely unannounced surprises and reveals coming and gamers can’t wait to see it.