The New Oppo Find N Folding Phone Looks Gorgeous

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Most smartphones released today come with one screen, just one screen. And this has been the standard for years now. But today, there have been more and more companies trying their hand at folding phones. And the new smartphone released by Oppo is different from most smartphones released today. Instead of the traditional “slab” with just one screen, the main feature of this phone is that it has two screens. So unfolding the Oppo Find N will greet you with a 7.1-inch screen with a refresh rate of 120hz.

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism found on the Oppo Find N is different from the other folding phones we can find today. This phone is the first folding phone released by Oppo. And compared to other companies, Oppo was the most successful in creating a folding phone that had the smallest gap between the two moving components when folded. The Oppo Find N also has a less noticeable fold where folding is the main point. This was made possible by having a less harsh degree of folding. Instead, they made it a softer shape instead of a more acute angle that would make folding on the screen more noticeable.

Oppo Inno 2021
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The Oppo Find N was made with excellent ergonomics. Instead of a taller front display, it comes with a shorter exterior display. This makes reaching the corners of the phone easier for most people. Using a smaller display would seem like an insignificant change, but it makes a massive difference because it would make navigating through the phone easier. In addition to the phone’s ergonomics, the folding mechanism can double as a makeshift tripod when taking pictures. This can help with the stability and clarity of the videos or photos a user would take.


Aside from the aesthetics and ergonomics, this new phone from Oppo released also has an excellent camera system. The primary camera system has three cameras. Users will also find a front-facing camera on the exterior screen and another front-facing camera when they open the second display. These cameras create beautiful photos and videos that can capture your subject. The number of cameras may also be helpful for users who need to attend business meetings on the go because it provides a unique user experience. The number of available cameras combined with the large interior screen can help get into a better workflow.

The Oppo Find N is undoubtedly a unique take on the modern smartphone. It combines design, ergonomics, and user experience all in one package. The materials used feel premium in every way. And for users that would benefit from a more prominent display would be delighted with the interior folding screen. With more and more companies attempting their spin on the modern folding phone, the Oppo Find N is one of the smartphones that we can balance both usability and design well. And the most impressive part about this smartphone is that it is the first attempt of the company at a folding phone, which would only increase the expectations for its potential successor.