Tackling Artificial Intelligence: Weathering the Negative Impact of AI

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To say that artificial intelligence is making waves in the industry is an understatement—AI is turning into a worldwide phenomenon. Of course, it comes as no surprise that it’s so popular, as the potential of AI is seemingly limitless, and it has so many applications that the sky’s the limit.

That said, just as AI has swept up the industry, it’s also considered one of the most disruptive forms of tech today. So we must look into the potential negative impact of AI and how modern society is moving to balance things out. As incredible as AI can be, there can be no doubt that its potential is also a source of stress and frustration for many.

A deeper look into the jobs affected by AI

The world of freelance work has steadily risen due to the recent pandemic, as more and more people have become used to working from home. However, when you look at the most popular freelance work—writing, coding, and art—it quickly becomes clear why people have become so affected by the rise of artificial intelligence. After all, AI has grown exponentially to the point that it can very quickly write thousands of articles, making it extremely useful for businesses as they no longer have to hire writers to do the same job.

Of course, the current business landscape does not look too kindly on fully AI-generated content, which is why some freelance writing businesses can still function, but it doesn’t change the fact that AI has disrupted the way things work. Coding has also taken a heavy hit as many AI models have shown proficiency in coding various types of tech.

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There’s also the ethical conundrum that comes with AI art, as these art generators utilize data sets taken from popular artists to develop surprising works of art.

Understanding AI’s overall impact when it comes to automation and efficiency

While many jobs are undoubtedly affected by AI, there’s no denying that it’s made a tremendous impact on the business sector, pushing for automation and efficiency in ways the world has never experienced before. That said, with this automation and efficiency comes the potential for hacking. Just as businesses all over the world benefit from AI algorithms, hackers also benefit from artificial intelligence, developing a situation where cybersecurity measures must also use AI to catch up.

AI: the problem, and the solution

It’s strange to think that AI serves as both the solution and the problem, making it extremely tricky to tackle in today’s modern society. However, as long as humans are still involved in the development process, there will always be ways to balance things. While we might lose jobs in the process, working with AI could add more—or at the very least, replace the jobs lost due to the disruptive nature of AI tools.

Introducing ChatGPT
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While it might serve as a source of anxiety and frustration for many, there’s no denying that AI is an exciting venture. With its limitless potential and exponential growth, only time will tell just how AI can transform modern society.