Solar-Powered Phone Charging Casing is the New Luxury Item from Caviar

Image Source; Caviar

Image Source: Caviar

When you’re talking about accessories for your phone, the body casing is one of the most commonly thought of item. Even the Russian accessory maker, Caviar, thinks so too because this month they made an accessory unlike any other: a gold-lined casing that can harness the power of the sun to charge the phone inside it. This isn’t a very unique item as there are plenty of similar charger casing concepts out there. Caviar has been well-known to make premium accessories for smartphones including phone casings lined with gold with the face of Vladimir Putin on them. Recently though they also started to make ones with Donald Trump on them. It seems that Caviar is a big fan of him too.


Image Source: Caviar

Image Source: Caviar

But that’s fine and all because Caviar isn’t really just selling the usual charging case. Like mentioned earlier Caviar is known to make luxury phone accessories. They made iPhone 7 bodies with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s face on the gold-plated backs last year. They even made a charging dock for the iPhone 7, also lined with gold. The whole set sells for $6,650.

They also made titanium and meteorite stone bodies for the new iPhones that you can have customized. There are also casings lined with Onyx, one of the cheaper phones at $3,000, and another one adorned with blue Josephine diamonds. And finally several more options of golden plates with Trump and Putin’s faces on them. The meteorite-coated iPhones cost $4,500.

This new luxury item is called iPhone X Tesla and Caviar claimed that they were inspired by Elon Musk, the man who owns Tesla and SpaceX and shot his cherry red Tesla Car up to space, and his efforts to harness renewable energy. Caviar even claimed that they will send Elon Musk a set.

The casing has carbon fibre with gold accents and comes with a new iPhone. Caviar is selling the whole set for $4,500 to $4,829 depending on the model of the iPhone X you’re purchasing.

Solar Casings

Like mentioned earlier solar casing is nothing new and there has been a lot of this since way back. There was Samsung’s Replenish for Sprint and the Puma Phone in the past, though in these ones the solar panels are already embedded into the phone’s default casing by the manufacturer. The idea of solar panels, of course, is to be free from using the usual power outlets, like a computer’s USB or an electrical socket.

However solar panels draw power from the sun, so there’s a lot of problems like:

  1. The phone needs to be out of your bag and is displayed somewhere with lots of sunlight. The greatest places would be a secure window. If you’re out in public, having your phone charging in the sun is is an invitation for pickpockets to get your phone.
  2. Solar panels obviously don’t work while the sun is covered with clouds or during the night. This can be a bit of a problem, especially when you live somewhere like Scandinavia where the night lasts for 6 months.
  3. Solar panel chargers, even if you soaked it into the sun, could only charge your phone so much.

Relying on solar panels to charge your phone forever isn’t a great idea. It’s a great gimmick but unless you get your phone lots of sun, it isn’t going to keep your smartphone off the grid. It does, however, help save you electricity bills.


Image Source: Caviar

Image Source: Caviar

Caviar stated that there will only be 999 units of Tesla available and would only sell a unit after a “thorough inspection.” It will also come with a 1-year warranty, so this accessory really has a luxury feel to it.

If you’re looking for ordinary solar charging casings there are other casings out there available in the market. But if you’re looking for the ultimate bragging rights, this accessory features the style and functionality that you’re probably looking for.