Samsung Galaxy S11 Unmasks Final Display Design

Samsung S11
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Rumor has it that the latest Galaxy S11 from Samsung has smarts, substance, and game-changing updates. However, despite all these rumors, one thing is confirmed: everyone will swoon over the style of S11.

Samsung has been a strong competitor to many tech giants in the industry. With its line-up of innovative products, it’s no longer surprising that this company always have something new and fresh for its consumers. Amazingly, the concept behind the latest Samsung Galaxy S11 is all about Ice Universe, which is the “final version” after acquiring a cover utilized as a source for accessory creators to make screen protectors. Surprisingly, it showcases a phone that necessarily doesn’t have any bezels. It was anticipated that Samsung would somehow attain its innovative design by utilizing more attached to secure internal components.

Groundbreaking concept

Though this groundbreaking concept is excellent, the disadvantage is it will make it more challenging to repair the Galaxy S11 in case some components become problematic. This might be enough reasons for consumers to use it carefully, just a gentle warning before the phone is released into the public.

In addition, the downside of this “final version” is it apparently verifies that the Galaxy S11 will still maintain the hole punch for its camera. With this being said, the camera is placed at the center – which is more aesthetically pleasing and attractive – and the module of the camera is now made tinier to consume less amount of space.

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Excellent display

It’s also important to take note that even if hole-punch displays aren’t the best concept, Samsung made it a point to avoid fragile motors that support pop-up cameras utilized by many of its competitors in the industry. Moreover, the appealing display somehow looks like the finishing touch to an extremely remarkable mobile unit overall. 

Aside from its bezel-free feature, the display of Samsung Galaxy S11 will operate under a battery smooth 120Hz display together with an ultra-big fingerprint sensor. This will offer seamless and convenient phone access. Another feature that went through a complete overhaul was the camera that now has a massive resolution and up to 5x optical zoom. You can take crisp and HD Instagram photos without a complicated mechanism.

Latest innovations

And if you think that’s all there is, S11 will sport 5G connection, which is why the batteries are specifically made more prominent and more powerful. This will provide fast and exceptional connection for gaming, surfing, and more. The sad thing is, consumers need to bid goodbye to the good ol’ headphone jack. This is Samsung’s way of keeping up with the latest innovation in the industry, which includes wireless earphones.

Samsung had released a great number of products over the past years. This time, they’ve taken a huge leap in designing and creating a powerful phone. With an earlier launch date compared to before, the tech company is undoubtedly excited to distribute the newest Galaxy S11 into the hands of potential consumers. And no one is complaining about this early release date.