Keeping It Cool: CoolChip Technologies Has a Redesigned Computer Fan

Screenshot of the official CoolChip promo video posted on YouTube

Screenshot of the official CoolChip promo video posted on YouTube

A computer fan serves a very important role in preventing the internal components of a computer from frying themselves. However, they are one of the parts that don’t seem to get any attention. Over decades, these fans have remained the same. There have been no major effort to make them more efficient and less noisy. Things are about to change, though, as CoolChip Technologies works on redesigning fans to make them less of a nuisance.

CoolChip Technologies is a developer of hardware-enabled solutions for hardware issues. Founded by peers from MIT, the company specializes in cooling solutions including HVAC and refrigeration systems. The founders aim to develop kinetic cooling technology to introduce something new in the field of forced-convection cooling.

Is there really a need to redesign the computer fan?

Over the years, innovations in the field of computer parts manufacturer have led to the development of chips and other internal components that are more efficient and less heat-producing. Chips created for phones, tablets, and other mobile computers no longer require fans because they have been designed to consume less amounts of power and are able to dissipate heat without requiring ample amounts of active cooling.

However, the fact remains that computer fans are still necessary. While other cooling technologies have already been developed to serve as alternatives to fans, liquid cooling for example, there are still computers that cannot forgo these mechanical wind blowers. Gaming computers, for instance, are generally kept cool by using fans.When comparing traditional air cooling against liquid cooling, it can be reasonably concluded that air cooling still has more practical advantages. It is cheaper, safer, and easier to install and maintain.

That’s why it’s only logical to do something to improve this old but still highly useful technology.

Screenshot of the official CoolChip promo video posted on YouTube

Screenshot of the official CoolChip promo video posted on YouTube

The Redesigned Computer Fan

The new computer fan design of CoolChip Technologies is based on the idea of a fully integrated forced convection device. It integrates a heat sink assembly into the fan. It’s arguably better than the heat sink + fan setup used in typical processor and video card fans. The fan has a copper baseplate and an aluminum impeller. The motor, on the other hand, features a fluid dynamic bearing. For the uninitiated, the impeller is the part that moves or the fan’s blades. Instead of having less than 12 blades, the impeller has dozens of blades arranged in a swirl-like pattern for more efficient operation.

Advantages of the Redesigned Computer Fan

CoolChip Technologies founder William Sanchez presented the company’s redesigned computer fans at the demo day of HIghway1, a “hardware startup accelerator” company in San Francisco. In the said demo, Sanchez claimed that the company’s new fans are half the size of standard ones are able to achieve 35% to 40% higher thermal performance. These are indeed excellent improvements although buyers would likely not realize the difference upon the usual observation.

In addition to the size reduction and enhanced thermal performance, the redesigned fans by CoolChip Technologies are also touted to be less noisy (almost silent). To prove this point, Sanchez put a mic next to the new CoolChip fan and then to a traditional computer fan. The difference in the amount of noise produced is doubtlessly noticeable.

CoolChip’s fan moves at 3,000 RPM and has a thermal resistance of less than 0.30 C/W. Air flow and noise are rated at 18 cfm and <35 dB respectively. The fan has a power consumption of 3 watts. A standard computer fan consumes around 4.5 watts but is considerably bigger (in both width and thickness).

Partnership with Cooler Master

Sanchez revealed that CoolChip partnered with Cooler Master to bring its technology to the market. The newly designed fan will be available as aftermarket add-ons to computers, especially gaming rigs, next year. Also, MIcrosoft is in talks with the startup for the installation of less noisy fans for the Xbox One and the yet to be announced Xbox One Slim.


As mentioned earlier, the redesigned fans from CoolChips is great for the computers of hardcore gamers who would certainly appreciate having quieter but more efficient fans running on their machines. The applications are not limited to gaming computers, though. Data centers or enterprises that run servers will benefit from the enhanced efficiency of these new fans. Being able to reduce power consumption by 35% translates to huge savings that should not be ignored.

Screenshot of the official CoolChip promo video posted on YouTube

Screenshot of the official CoolChip promo video posted on YouTube

If the fan gets a good price upon its commercial release, there’s no doubt that computer owners should consider getting them. It shouldn’t cost as much as liquid cooling solutions. A cool price for this fan shouldn’t be much higher than the prices of standard fans. For potential buyers, it’s just important to remember that this fan is not meant to replace the fan responsible for the good ventilation within a computer case. It is designed to cool down specific parts (since it comes with the base/integrated heat sink).