DSLR versus Mirrorless Cameras: What is the best for you?

DSLR versus Mirrorless Cameras

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DSLR uses the exact design as those of film cameras in the past. It has a mirror inside where the light is reflected through its lens going to the prism then to the viewfinder so you can see a preview of your shot. Once you press the shutter, the mirror will flip up, the shutter opens and then the light falls into the image sensor to capture the final shot.

A mirrorless camera, on the other hand, does not include a mirror. The light immediately goes into the lens and transferred to the image sensor which will then display the preview of the shot into its rear screen.

Size and weight

Talking about the size and weight, DSLR cameras as much heavier and larger compared to a mirrorless camera. A mirrorless camera is simpler thus allowing you to carry it anywhere easier.

Autofocus speed

DSLR cameras are still reigning when it comes to autofocusing fast moving objects which are very much applicable in sports and shooting wildlife. However, there are certain mirrorless cameras that are able to match the capability of DSLRs when it comes to low-light shooting like Sony a7R III. The autofocus systems of mirrorless cameras are also improving continuously hoping to match DSLRs in the future.

Image Preview

DSLRs allow you to see the exact image

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DSLRs allow you to see the exact image that your camera will capture while the image on a mirrorless camera’s viewfinder is just close to its final image. If you are thinking of shooting more often in good lighting, then both cameras will work for you but if it is in a low light situation, DSLRs are recommended.

Video Quality

When it comes to video shooting, mirrorless cameras are better compared to DSLRs. High end mirrorless cameras has the ability face detection in 4K or Ultra HD videos. With its videos superior autofocus system, mirrorless cameras are well suited for filmmakers.

Shooting speed

Both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have the ability to shoot images in a very fast shutter speed. The simpler systems of mirrorless cameras allow it to shoot more pictures in a second with a higher shutter speed.

Battery Life

Since DSLRs allow you to take photos without the use of LCD screen thus allowing it to save power. If you are not going to use the LCD screen of a DSLR, it will certainly have a longer battery life compared to mirrorless cameras. However, both types gas removable batteries thus you can always bring a spare battery for later use.

Lenses and accessories

Lenses and accessories

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DSLRs offer a lot of lenses from different manufacturers while lenses for mirrorless cameras are rare though manufacturers are aiming to provide more options to consumers in the future.


If you are looking for a light, compact camera that lets you take better videos, then mirrorless cameras will suit you best. However, if you are looking for variation when it comes to lens selection and a viewfinder that lets you shoot better on low light, then you can pick a DSLR camera.

Mirrorless cameras are also ideal for new photographers since its system is pretty much simple. For pros and serious shooters, I recommend DSLRs for you.