Cosmic Controversy: Evidence of a So-Called Mirror World?

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Have you heard of the Hubble constant dilemma? The Hubble constant refers to the rate of expansion of our universe, and the discrepancy relates to the predictions of the current cosmological model. The model’s prediction is much slower than the rate of the most precise local measurements, which presents a strange discrepancy. It’s gotten to the point where cosmology’s standard model might no longer be enough.

That said, changing the standard model of cosmology presents a whole list of problems. Specifically, trying to change the model without ruining agreements between the standard model and other cosmological phenomena. Trying to change one thing could end up causing all sorts of problems for everything else.

Parallel World
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Applying the new rate of expansion

The thing about cosmology is it’s the study of the entire universe — ranging from its birth to its inevitable death a mind-boggling amount of time later. It’s filled with all sorts of cosmological phenomena, and there’s intrigue at every turn. The idea now is to find a cosmological model in which the scaling rate is similar enough to current predictions without potentially violating other measurements in the process. Symmetry is the name of the game.

Now, researchers have found a previously undiscovered mathematical property of current cosmological models. This new mathematical property could, hypothetically, provide a new model that fits the criteria above.

A mirror world?

The fascinating thing here is that if the mathematical property is indeed correct and researchers are able to apply the cosmological model without too many issues, it offers an exciting conclusion. In order for the symmetry to be accurate, there would have to be a mirror universe similar to this one, entirely invisible to our world except for its gravity. The existence of this mirror world would allow for the cosmological model to be correct while still respecting the various cosmological phenomena today.

It would be a bizarre mirror world that only interacts with ours via particles through gravity. It’s an outlandish theory and is one that could potentially solve all sorts of issues plaguing particle physics.

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The potential for error

While this presents an entirely new world of possibilities for researchers and reality as a whole, there is still a chance that the Hubble constant is due to measurement errors. Unfortunately, there are so many reasons why something could go wrong that scientists have to look into every possible avenue to make logical conclusions.

As of the moment, the model of the universe is being measured with the standard cosmological model and our most precise devices used for measurement. The fact that there are huge differences between the two is as captivating as it is frustrating.


The presence of this mysterious mirror world could potentially turn things upside-down — provided the cosmological model can be changed by this new mathematical property. The exciting thing about such discoveries is there could very well be so much more hidden in plain sight. Only time will tell!