A Smart Japanese Invention to Help Bridge the Language Gap


More countries and cities open their doors to foreign visitors; however, the difference in language is still an issue. Several tech and communication companies developed solutions, creating instant translation app and devices, to help bridge the communication gap.

With businesses going global, companies demand foreign language skills from their staff. Speaking another language is an advantage because it allows you to communicate and engage with other people in their language. With the range of materials that companies share with foreign counterparts, they require the services of a professional translator.

Translation apps

A range of translation apps is available for iPhones and Android phones, mainly from the App Store and Google Play. Many offer free and paid versions, which you can use offline, although most need an internet connection to work. Almost all apps use voice and text to help users.

Some of the apps work like a phrasebook. You look for the right translation of a word, a phrase or a question. Some apps allow you to record your question in your language and wait for the program to translate it to the target language. Others require you to download a language pack for your destination country, with features to connect you to a live translator for a small fee.

If you are visiting Asia, there are specialized apps for select Asian languages. Aside from the basic translation features, you can use your phone’s camera as a photo translator. By pointing your camera on a sign or menu item, you can get an instant translation.

Smart Japanese Invention

Hand-held translator

The thing with translation apps is that they can be cumbersome to use. You either have to look for the translation from the program’s database, or record your voice and wait for the translation.

But with MUAMA Enence, you do not have to be bilingual or multilingual. MUAMA Enence is an instant translator developed by two Japanese inventors. It supports 40 languages and can quickly translate real-time speech. It’s convenient as it is only about the size of an old MP3 player, making it easy to store in your purse or pocket.

Using a portable translator like the MUAMA Enence allows you to communicate in another language. It’s reasonably priced as well. The gadget has excellent sound quality, and loud enough to be heard even in crowded places. It supports two-way translation as well as text translation. A full battery charge will last for four days. Its range is exceptional. It can pick up your voice even if you are two meters or 6.6 feet away from it. The device has a wireless transmission of up to 10 meters or 32.9 feet.

Using the MUAMA Enence

The original purpose of the translator is to help travelers, but it is becoming trendy among people working in different fields, including volunteers and emergency/social workers.

2020 review of the device gave it 96% product rating based on price, ease of use, portability, translation accuracy, and language variety.

MUAMA Enence is very easy to use. The user presses button A and speaks into the translator. When the user releases the button, the translation starts immediately, with a response time of 1.5 seconds. When the person you are talking with wants to respond, the user presses button B to pick up what they want to say. Releasing button B will relay the message in your language.  

But do not expect the device to be perfect. If a speaker mumbles or there is too much interference, it can give you mistranslations. Moreover, it would be best if you did not use MUAMA Enence for life and death situations.